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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives

Hey all,

I came across this product in a comic shop near my house. This book is an excellent collection of the original comics all in a smaller sort of slim graphic novel. If you want to have a nice collection of these in good condition, take notice of the shipping these come in. It looks like they were tossed in a roomy box with 3 other books of this collection with 2 of those "bags of air" used for shipping. One of them ended up underneath the cardboard box's flap! and it had a bent corner after i unwedged it from its hiding place. I was not happy about it, but I didn't think returning the single book would improve the shipping treatment. By the way, I had used Super Saver Shipping, which seemed super sloppy for these collector's items. This "Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 3" has a matte finish and does not have the 15th anniversary logo in the upper left. It's worth it for Sonic fans (there are also a few more archives of this sort related to Sonic)

Keep it real....
Wait, Archie or Fleetwood Sonic?
I remember getting a Sonic comic back in the day. They followed the more dark route with the animated series that got canceled after a season or two. Do they still make these?
the only sonic adventures i know of is from tv show. Other than that, it is the game that I am most familiar with.
Pretty funny, as big as a sonic fan I am I have yet read any comics Sad
Heh, I never knew there were Sonic comics out there. I know there are animated cartoons of Sonics, and the Sonic games by Sega, but nope, never seen any Sonic comics. Though that's how they all evolve from, comics.
Not just cartoons, comics, games and what not, Sonic the Hedgehog even has a Human Gene named after it !!!

It's called "sonic hedgehog gene" Shocked
Hi there,

Hehe, Sonic the Hedgehog sure brings me awesome memory of my early teen days when I bought my Mega Drive console Smile those were the days Razz

I have seen many episodes of the cartoon series but they definitely don't transmit the same feeling of the game. Actually I'm still to find a cartoon/anime that is an adaptation from a game that is really worth watching :\

Stay COol
Actually, there have been 3 different Sonic cartoon series. There's a current, anime Sonic X(?) series that is pretty typical of the import anime genre. There was the Adventures of Sonic and Tails, which was a cheesy, almost Tex Avery style cartoon that was annoying when I was a lad. And then there was the original Sonic the Hedgehog, which featured all the characters from the original Archie Comics series, had an epic and tragic plot, and had a much more realistic approach to its art style and character interactions.

As for the comics, I was quite the collector when I was younger. I have almost every issue from 1-50, including the various miniseries...Enjoyable series that is a great intro for youngsters too young for most comics series...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look on eBay for any tapes of the original Sonic the Hedgehog...
browncoat777 wrote:
... then there was the original Sonic the Hedgehog, which featured all the characters from the original Archie Comics series, had an epic and tragic plot, and had a much more realistic approach to its art style and character interactions.
I loved watching these episodes early on Saturday / Sunday mornings. I guess it was too dark for prime time kids' cartoons. I remember the animation being almost like cartoons today, or even smoother. My fond memories could have distorted truth, but it was, by far, one of the best cartoons on at that time.
The only time I've seen the Sonic cartoon was at some Christmas party when the adults rented some episodes to make us kids watch so we'd shut up and stay out of the way. It was too long ago for me to remember much about it, but I wasn't a Sega player anyway so I didn't know/care much about the character.

I think in that episode Tails stole Sonic's shoes or something.
I didn't watch the cartoon, never read the comic books, I only knew Sonic from his video games.
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