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Endless Story

check out my new website, I'm still a beginner on this web layout stuff.. so i think my website contents are kinda messy, hehe Laughing

anyway, please let me know, what ya think about my website, kay?

here is the link
Actually looks like you have a lot of talent... a few thoughts...

1. Wash out your backgrounds. At smaller resolutions, text and background have very close colors, and the text is invisible. Test your site in multiple resolutions on multiple browsers.

2. Use an external style sheet.

3. Remove formatting from html, place all of it in a style sheet.

4. Some validation errors..

Steps I would take.

1. Run the code through HTML tidy.

2. Copy everything inside the <style> tags to a new file. call it style.css load it by using

<link REL="STYLESHEET" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/style.css" Title="TOCStyle">

<STYLE TYPE="text/css"> @import url("style.css")

3. Change some text colors, or wash out background images.
Thank you so much for your comment! Smile

I'm glad to know what my mistake, hehe

okay, I'll try to make it more tidy, actually, I never learn html basic before, now, i think I should take initiative to learn it, keke Very Happy

once again, thanks k, hope to hear more comments ^__________^

by the way, where can I learn the simple & easy to understand html tutorial?
can anyone provide me the website address? hehe
wow that's really good for a beginner. I am a beginner too. I need some more practice, your site is well put together. You've done a great job. I wish my first site was as good a yours. I am trying to create a whole bunch of sites right's taking a tole on me. Great job once again. I do now of some good sources... <<<<<,people here can help with any problem you have concerning HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, ASP or MySql. These guys are great.

Did you do those graphics yourself?

ehehe, thanks for the compliment Embarassed

yeah, some of the graphics I do myself, well actually I guess edit is the right word(?)
I save the images that I like, make it a PNG, then I just fill some gradient/texture and brushes onto the graphics, very messy huh?

anyway, the link you provides to me is really useful to me^^ thanks a lot!
now, I would like to learn how to make a div layout, hopefully I can do it^^
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