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Exciting news! - Guyana - YCI

I just found out that I've been accepted to volunteer with YCI International in Guyana June of 2008! Right now I don't know much about the organization, except that it works with other international and local organizations to help rebuild and support third world countries, or about the country itself. I will probably keep updating as I find out more.

Who knows anything about the country or the organization? Share please.
See for information on YCI, Guyana, and the project I'll be taking part in.
This is my letter asking for donations, it contains some more info.

Dear All,
I have been accepted to go to Guyana in June 2008 with Youth Challenge International(YCI). YCI is an non-profit organization, established in 1990, that focuses on building youth skills, HIV/AIDs awareness rasing, aqueduct building, environmental restoration, gender equality training, and capacity building. Each year about 160 young Canadians volunteer to work in communities in one of these countries: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Grenada, Guyana, Tanzania, and Vanuatu. For my specific trip, I will require about 5000$.
This money will partially go to my personal expenses such as equipment, air travel, and rent, etc. The rest of the money will go to YCI for my living costs and training. If you could donate any amount to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated.
Guyana is a country in South America, situated north of Brazil in between Venezuela and Suriname. Currently they have a population of about 700,000, and about 11,000 of those people are living with HIV/AIDS.
I will be participating in a 5-week stay in Guyana with a group of 6-12 other volunteers from all over Canada. Once there, my group will work with other local organizations and groups to teach life skills, literacy, HIV/AIDS prevention, and more to youth and women.
Going to Guyana will help me realize my dreams of traveling, making a difference in the world, having unique experiences, and gaining important life skills. Thank you for your consideration. Again, any amount would be much appreciated.
For more information go to: ;
or .

You can also e-mail me, my address is

Thank you,
Marylynn Cote
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