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DeathNote's Ending (SPOILER ALERT!!!!)

What do you think of Deathnote's ending?
 40%  [ 4 ]
Ok I guess
 50%  [ 5 ]
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Total Votes : 10

What do people think about deathnotes ending?

I think it was the only way they could really end it, but I had the feeling like I just saw my pet get murdered. Did anyone else feel this kind of a connection with light?

I've heard of the manga having a different ending (something like Light winning Near and continue to kill criminals and then asking ryuk to killing him or something). What do people think of that ending? Was it any better than the animes?
(since there's a spoiler alert warning at the title, I'm not holding back)

louddwarf wrote:
I've heard of the manga having a different ending (something like Light winning Near and continue to kill criminals and then asking ryuk to killing him or something). What do people think of that ending? Was it any better than the animes?

Actually, that's a lie.
In the manga, Ryuk also kills Light, but Light never escaped that warehouse after being shot by Matsuda. Also, Mikami didn't kill himself, but opened the eyes to the truth, that Kira wasn't a god, after seeing him helpless.
While Light was lying on the floor, writhing in pain, he turned to Ryuk as a last hope of killing off Near and the others. Ryuk, on the other hand, decided to kill Light instead, because he was cornered and couldn't find a way to solve it himself, so things "lost their interest". And so he wrote the name "Yagami Light" on his Death Note. Light panicked, as he didn't want to die, and wasted his last seconds freaking out, finally dying with a horrified expression on his face. One year later, the world went back to normal, convinced that Kira was taking a rest, and Near took L's place. And on an undisclosed location, signs of a strange cult worshipping Kira are shown...

Now for my opinion... yes, the manga's ending was better. The way Kira died in the manga was a lot more fitting for his character. Also, there's the insight of what happened to the world after those events, which is always a plus.
Yeah, the manga ending was better, but the anime ending was good nonetheless. I would've been pissed if they didn't have Ryuk write Light's name on his Death Note. In the beginning Ryuk said that he would probably be the one to kill off Light in that fashion and I'm happy they--at least--kept that part intact for the anime.
i don't hate the ending of the anime. but definitely, now I am sure (cause before I wasn't), I like the manga ending better.
I like the movie ending rather than the anime series. But I guess everyone has different taste.
hate to say i haven;t saw the ending of the anime...i'm looking for some sources copy have been borrowed to me and have not been returned...
When I saw him die in the Anime, I felt like a little, actually big part of me, had died with him.

I haven't been the same since.
Yep, that ending was definitely worth mention. Comparing to manga it wasn't so good, but if you have watched only anime, it's okay. You know, everything must have a good ending. In some part, maybe. And the ending of Death Note was incredibly calm. Calm ending song, Light's last struggles, and peaceful moment of his heart attack. And also L restropectives...

Yep, the ending was very good. I was watching it at night, so I can tell it was breath-taking. Yagami Light was an character that deserved that ending. I agree with previous poster, this scene has taken a lot from me with Light.

It's not a stupid series, because it learns us a way to live. That the world is ideal as it is. It's impossible to make a world better than this, because nothing more than death and suffering awaits us. So let's enjoy a happy life, and stop bitching about how life can sucks. It's just life - it's must be as it is...
Well the story could really only end with Light's death. If Near was the one who died, there would just keep being more and more people rising up to counter Light. After all, there will always be someone to stand in the face of evil or something of the sort.

Light was pretty much about to die anyway. Ryuk was just putting him out of his misery. If he hadn't killed Light, Light probably would have just committed suicide.
I've heard the ending to the manga from others, and I definitely like it better than the series finale.

For a show that always surprised me with how intelligently it played out, I was expecting something a lot more interesting.
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