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Yahoo! default email application

I have been using yahoo for like 3 years now. I want to set it up on my computer as my default email application. i.e, when I open outlook express or microsoft outlook, I can send/recieve yahoo mail. However, I can't figure it out. I don't know what to do. When I use the server for my mail, it says that there is an error. Can someone advice me? It ill be of great help.
I am not sure if I understood your problem correctly. Please correct me if I am wrong.
You are currently using Yahoo by opening the browser and you want to use Outlook express or Microsoft Outlook to get your yahoo mail.
If that is correct then you need a paid subscription. as yahoo does not offer pop3 or imap to free customers. But i have heard that you can get pop3 access even on free accounts, but i never had to use it so i dont know. I personally prefer gmail.
Another way to use yahoo as default email is by installing a plugin ymapi. it can be installed while installing yahoo messenger or yahoo toolbar.
this will not enable you to use outlook to send or receive yahoo mail. but it will open the browser automatically when you click on an email link.

If this does not answer your question just explain a bit more. I would be glad to help you.
That's not really true. You're not supposed to be able to without a subscription, however there is a way, but not with outlook Express. You will have to download Mozilla's Thunder, you can get it from The Thunderbird email client it faster and better anyway, just like it is when comparing FireFox and Internet Explorer.

Anyway, that still won't work by itself. You will also have to download and install YPops! for Thunderbird. I can't remember where to get that one, so you will have to just search Google.

Afterwards, you will have to read the documentation for Ypops! so that you know how to configure Thunderbird.

A note though: YPops! seemed kind of *iffy* on my computer. Maybe it will work better on yours. It does actually work...
Why not change to GMail. I use to use Yahoo too, but later found out that GMail is much more efficient, more storage, less ads.
If you are using FireFox for our web browser, there is an extention called WebMailCompose which will automatically route your clicks on email addresses to the web mail site of your choie.

Works well...
Use Yahoo POPs to get the yahoo mails in your mail application through POP3. it works great for me for a long time.

Alternatively, if you are using thunderbird, there are some extensions available, named, webmail, which they claim receives yahoo account mails. But i was not successful in that.
Get a gmail account. You can use Outlook/express with gmail with no silly plugins or other unnecessary crap.
gmail will work but you need to change yuor outgoing mail server to Port 25 and the smtp server of your network provider. I believe Google is using a different port for its outgoing mail server so you have to change it.
i know had disabled the free POP3 access to their accounts in favour of a paid service which allows POP3 access. I'm assuming that you have a paid yahoo account in which case sending and recieving emails SHOULD be a simple matter of entering the relevent server details into your email client. Not being a yahoo paid member i can't tell you what these settings should be but at a guess they would probably be somthing like '' & '' anyway you would need to get the propper details from yahoo.
If you do not have a paid account and you wish to access yahoo webmail via a normal email client you can use the afore mentioned Yahoo-POPS (Ypops) which works as an intermediate POP3 server running @ 'LOCALHOST' , it's availiable here :-

i have used this in the past and it worked really well.

Hope you get the issue sorted.
I worked hard(not really) to make things simple again. Yahoo corporate removed the original small installation utility from their website forcing all users to install their bloatware yahoo messenger/toolbar; and so after YEARS of a lack of an easy online solution, I reconstructed a stepless installation from available online methods. Simply run the exe to restore Yahoomail as the default mail application in Internet Explorer including shortcut capabilities Smile



p.s. further information inside exe (compressed rar) - tested on Windows XP.
mark wrote:
I have been using yahoo for like 3 years now. I want to set it up on my computer as my default email application. i.e, when I open outlook express or microsoft outlook, I can send/recieve yahoo mail. However, I can't figure it out. I don't know what to do. When I use the server for my mail, it says that there is an error. Can someone advice me? It ill be of great help.

Do you have a paid Yahoo account or a free one ?

For setting up Yahoo in outlook, you need a paid account which allows POP3 and SMTP

Gmail allows free POP3 and SMTP if you want to switch to (enable it in gmail settings)

But the free Yahoo mails have stopped supporting POP3 and SMTP. Maybe that's why an error comes up when you try.
If you really want, you can redirect all yahoo mails to a new gmail (but then Yahoo starts send more ads to that account too) and use the POP3 and SMTP from that account. It might be a little complicated but you can keep your old email address and still use POP3 and also use Over 6943.493560 megabytes (and counting) of free storage (that's what Gmail gives at the moment)

Try it out
Hi Mark,
Just stumbled across this site tonite as I set up yet another PC for a yahoo mail user. Thanks for posting a quick and dirty for the Yahoo default mail problem.

Boo hoo!
Why in the heck would Yahoo take the old one down in the first place? You would think they would make life easy on themselves and just post the new one, but nooooooooo. ahhh never mind it's like asking why god choose to make the sky blue instead of the more cool purple. It's made one of life's little irritations go away for me. I am soooo tired of feeling like I gotta reinvent the wheel all the time! I can just see some creep with their feet up on the desk exercising a teeny tiny bit of power and just not doing this 5 minute thing which would make life easier on everyone else! Makes you wanna crawl up on their desk and grab em by the shirt collar and tell em where they can stuff the stoopid fat @#$%^&*( tool bar. Just gimme the quick and dirty every-time.

That whole crappy corporate attitude kinda reminds me of someone... just can't think who right this minute. It will come to me eventually. tap tap tap. Oh Yeah! It's like something I might do. Twisted Evil when I am just having a day and it does my heart good to just let someone else down by saying something like "sorry but NO". And all the while, smile on my face I'm silently saying "why? because I said so dummy head" & I'm humming the international piss off tune in my head, the one we learned in childhood. Na Na Na Na!!!! Drool . I think that's the official title and the lyrics. ummm Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I was making a short story long and trying to say thanks dude.

All better now, I'm feeling practically warm and fuzzy. Cool of you to take the trouble to share it with the rest of the class it to boot. Dancing

Anyhow, all kidding aside, it's appreciated! Thanks again.

I also wanted to set the yahoo mail as default email program few months ago. I got a website in google "completepcpedia" where I found a very easy procedure for it.

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