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Speech Advice.

I am doing a 4 minute talk on Monday in front of the class and I am just wondering is there any way I could relax and keep the nerves back? I mean I get on with everyone so don't need to worry about the people just my legs start shaking themselves!

Any tips?

Muchos Gracias!
Here are some of my personal tips and which I also do before facing of so many people or on stage. These are the following:

1. Practice and practice - Practice makes perfect. And, the more you are master on your piece the less the fright will be. Also, you may want your friends and family to be your audience on your practice.

2. Drink a lot of water - Water is very essential to human life. I really do believe that water relaxes ones mind and body so you might consider drinking a lot of water because I know that it will cleanse your nerves and relaxes you.

3. Stand up straight and look confident - No matter how terrified or frighten you are inside you should look as if you are not. Standing up straight and putting up your chin or head up high will tell audience that you are like a professional stage host.

4. Take a deep breath - You may take a deep breath because it helps you relax a little bit. Exhale with your nose and inhale with your mouth properly and you will notice that you are more relax.

5. Believe and Pray - Believing that you can do it is very important because the mind or thoughts is very very powerful and it will always start on thinking before executing something. You should also pray that you will be successful on your recital or talk since prayer is also helpful or most very helpful on every action that we do. In fact, Prayer is more powerful than any weapons or bombs.

I hope my tips help you. More power to you and Congratulations in advance.
I think speaking infront of an audience can and does scares a lot of people even for those of us who do it a lot, but one of the best methods I've seen is not only practicing but also imagining the presentation.
Where you imagin as best you can that you're infront of all those people and that the presentation goes without a hitch.
Hope your talk was good.I remember my first seminar in my school infront of class.It was on topic of plants in fifth standard.My friends were ready on back bench to pass comments and to make me laugh.Teacher gave me moral support.Some how i managed to give till half and then i couldent remember and i said "sorry mam i forgot,i cant proceed".She gave me half marks.Then i learnt lot from that incedent.At home i practiced in my school life speaking infront of mirror.Now i m well known speaker Laughing
Hold your head up. look into the audience and make eye contact. Do not take any alchoholik beverages, or any other drugs.
Remember that if you are doing it in front of a class most of them don't care about what you are saying. Pretend you're speaking to your best friend who is at the back of the class, and, as the others said, practice makes perfect
If you are speaking in front of an audience first time legs always shaking themselves. Practice is the best thing to get rid of it. Next time is always better than last time:)
First of all, speak loudly and clearly, dont mumble. Second of all, act confident, hold your head up and stand straight. And just talk, dont even think about the audience, you dont give a sh*t about it, theyre the listeners, youre the talker. Practice the speech, read it a few times, then read it aloud, then read it aloud infront of the mirror. If you plan on having notes with you, then make sure that you print it in a big enough sized font so you dont have trouble reading it if neccessary. Also, watch a few other speeches, notice that people dont give speeches the way they normally talk, they usually talk slower, and talking slower makes it easier to talk louder and clearer.
Cheers dude, and good luck.
There's no way to relax I suppose. Just go through your preparation and stay away from it. Speaking in front of a group is never as bad as you think it is. Sure your speech won't be as easy flowing and what not, but it happens to everyone. Just relax because nobody is gonna sit there and think you're an idiot for... you know, doing your assignment? Razz
when i freak out before a large audience, I usually tell myself, what I can achieve at the end of my life, if I can freak out just because of the small audience in this case. Then I will get myself calm down and not take it serious enough to make myself nervous. I used to keeping drinking water to keep meself busy doing something to kill the waiting time. But it turns out to make me more easily to wanna pee. And practice for some time and make a briefing list for yourself to prepare the speech.

Try to interact with your audience and make some jokes in proper time.
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