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Digital Art Community website design

Hi, I previously designed a website layout for - Polish Digital Art Community. Unfornately it doesn't exist anymore, but I hope I will redo this website...
What do you think of this design?
Feel free to write any comments.

I see, no one is interested in website designing Smile?

I personally like this website design... I think it's was one of the best layouts I have made Smile

Still, any comments??

Peace people
Looks pretty good to me.

I really like the color scheme. I like the dark background, and I always have trouble trying to brighten up the rest of the page. The blue and green accent the dark background really well.

Good use of pictures, too, to break up the text and make the content seem more appealing.

- Walkere
The design of the website is very good in my opinion. Very slick and looking professional.
Good work Very Happy
Thank you very much. I'm glad that you like this website layout design.
Below I have posted another design that I have done (previously).

This website layout design was made for a game called Counter-Strike (if anyone knows this game he would propably call it CS, but nevermind Smile It's just a similar design to the the one above.

Have fun...
Of the two designs, I like the Counter Strike one the best. I don't know if you meant to compare the two, though. Here is what I think about each (if it helps)

#1: I like everything, but believe the head bar and link bar could be improved. I love how they are highlighted with the blue background, but would like to see it "plussed" somehow. Perhaps using an image of some kind? Maybe just make it smaller and more compact to give more room for the main content section. The sidebar is kind of large.

#2: Counter Strike webpage looks good. I like the large image at the top. I'd imagine that you are able to get away with that as your probable users will have good sized monitors and still be able to see the real content. I don't really have anything to say about this one, its good!

I hope that helps in some way. Looks like you are quite talented.
^^ I really like your layouts. so dark and professional looking. I have to agree with GB about liking the counterstrike design better tho. The banner is just excellent.
I think the pixarcell side bar links on are a bit big but that's just in my opinion.
that is extremely high level of skill. I once too created a forum web design for a friend of mine, dont know if they still use it but the coding was such a drag.

But very nice template
your sites are of a high quality champ. well done!
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