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A portfolio site

What are the best tips for designing a site, that would be your portfolio? I am going to have a website that will display all of the websites I have designed, plus Graphics and photography. What do you think would be a good color scheme? I have experience creating the drop shadow effect on the back of the content area of a web page as in but I don't know if that's the approach i should go for. I have seen many web sites where they have a flash portfolio, do I want that? Or should I go for a different approach.
you should know what you want.

flash is pretty cool and if you know it you should make portfolio in flash.
otherwise you can do it with some of ajax galleries. you could also use
some wordpress templates that allow you to have picture portfolio.

all of above is good, and it's not so much important how shall portfolio be
presented [though it should be simple and cool] as much is important what's
the content of it. cause content reflects how good you really are.

for schemes check out:
If you make it with Flash, try to follow these accessibility tips from Google Webmaster Central.
In portfolios I prefer white, black or dark grey as base color. It does not compete with the graphics and photos you are showing. Whatever you deside, use a discrete color, and preferable no pattern - or very discrete!

I like flash for galleries! You should think of a solution that include some alternatives for non-flashers too.
My tip would be to not put in all the websites you've done, but rather pick a few that you feel are your best examples and show those. You can always have a link for them to contact you for more samples. That way, you'll also hear from them and be able to get some contact info to follow up with them.

Also, it only shows your best work and it won't be diluted with stuff you may have done earlier on in your career.

Good luck!
GB wrote:
it only shows your best work and it won't be diluted with stuff you may have done earlier on in your career.

Excellent idea. Smile Quality over quantity.

If you want to know our opinion on what sites to choose, count on us.
Your colors should probably reflect your website, or it's style. I wouldn't recommend a flash website. I have a very slow computer at home and whenever I come upon a flash website that's slow-loading, I get mad.
zjosie729, same with AJAX (lots of JavaScript), right? Sad I know what you feel.
I agree with everyone else. Its best to use dark, vague colors so your design examples can stand out. A flash site would be best so when the user is looking at each design it wont take a long time to load.
If you know Flash. Go for it. But it may take a bit longer to load.. so make sure you don't forget to put a preloader.
The design should be something that you like. It should also connect with your personality. Smile
I'm working on my own right now too, actually. Very Happy
Try to search a color scheme. do not use colors because you just like it. Choose at color scheme for better site.
Hehe. It seems that he decided to use a basic Drupal theme after all.
thewebkid wrote:
What are the best tips for designing a site, that would be your portfolio?

I agree with not confusing your design work with a busy webpage, I personally kept mine with blacks and grey's mostly so it would not take away from the color usage in my design pieces.

I am not a webdesigner, so I have very little experience in that, but I am happy with what I created.
You can check it out and let me know what you think at
When your site is up I will be happy to give whatever critique I can.

Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for.
Let your work take the attention, make a simple and slick portfolio i would say Smile
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