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Senior Project

Any other high school seniors have to do Senior Project? I'm in a particularly anti-SP mood at the moment. The project could be so much fun, but they have to ruin it by making you do so much stupid busy work. So, just asking for opinions if you've got to do the same thing or something like it.
Many years ago now, when at college we had to, as part of our Education course, keep a Journal. This we thought was a really supid idea and left it until it was to be inspected, and then spent the evening before quickly dreaming up things we had, could have or thought should have done and wrote up the journal. It was supposed to be a daily account of what wwe had done or Literary thoughs we had had or came to mind. The best piece according to my tutor was an "Ode to a Cream Cracker" I dreamed up on the spurr of the moment.

Yout Senior project if you can choose it yourself sounds much more "exciting", but I guess anything at you age imposed on you is a point of rebellion. If you ask older folk they always tell you that it will either help later of it is just good disciplin for you to knuckle down and get it done.
I'm pretty lucky, senior projects at my school are a joke. You and a group of people have to develop some project that is going to help the community in some way. My friends and I are basically showing some kids how to do some math problems, take a few quick shots of us looking like we're really involved, and then throwing a powerpoint together. It's pretty simple.

But the high school my sister went to had extremely complicated senior projects. It took her several hundred hours to complete and the folder with all of her papers from the project was probably about 3 inches thick.
Whoa... that's pretty spiffy. We didn't have anything called "senior projects" at our high school. We did, however, have community service (100 hours; required) and independent study/research (optional). I tutored at a math camp, volunteered at a hospital and museum, helped publish a CD, and did cellular biology research. Some other people had their names in research papers (which is a really big thing if you're in the sciences), published books, started programs in their local communities, and done way more spectacular things than I could ever dream of.

Do you get funding or any help at all from your school for your projects? (I had a lot of support from my school.) It'd be a lot easier if you did. It's like "Here, go out and start saving the world. We'll fund you while you're at it!"

Go out. Be bold. If you screw up, no one will be too mad at you. After all, you're still in school and learning. People understand mistakes.

If you're in the states and plan on majoring in the sciences, you could consider this part of your Intel Science Talent Search project. It's very prestigious. If you win and have an otherwise balanced background, you could possibly obtain full rides to ivy league schools. Gotta be really really into it and spend a lot of time on it to win though. Wink

Plus, whatever you do, as long as you're passionate about it, it'll look great on your college apps.
ja, school projects are dull in most cases, though it might be possibly full of fun if one succeeds in finding a new solution to it. However, I think it is still important to complete those dull stuffs, because it is common in later work that dull content will be a major part of life. What you do then is just to complete for job and money. Therefore, you do those SP just for routine and good marks in exams. It is like a deal. It should not be conflictive to your hobbies in the leisure time, since the time you spend on doing the SP is not your leisure time, it's class time Wink
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