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DOS OS installation.

I am trying to develop a simple machine that is just to for using a game arcade I using a pc with 64mb of RAM, 10gb of hd, 500Mhz celeron.

So as you can see it's likely to run like any modern OS, win 98 was on it original which ran fine. I have since used Darik's Boot and Nuke to erase everything on the hard drive. I've tried installing anything from a free DOS to ubuntu server edition something goes wrong with these installations Sad..

So basically all I want to do is install Win DOS, and then in the autoexec.bat I would get it to run a qbasic program which would be such game arcade.

So, my problem is getting my hands on a copy of a DOS installation disk I have a win xp serial not sure if this covers a DOS serial? I also have a win xp disc can you install just DOS from it? I am not looking for a dos boot disc the ones you can make in xp, that basically only have the command: dir.

I am looking for a full installation disc for DOS, and whether my win xp serial would work with it seeing as I here DOS is not free...

So ya, I could settle for a linux if it was just the prompt or shell. I don't want anything extra just a fully functional prompt with a development environment like in dos Qbasic or in linux I think Python is not familiar with linux software development.

Hope I have made my self clear.

i don't think you could get it legally now.
Studio Madcrow
There's a couple of free options for DOS. First is FreeDOS (, a nice GPLed DOS that runs DOS games and stuff without problems, but can have some problems with Windows. The other main option is DR-DOS/OpenDOS. It's free for non-ommercial use and is quite good as well (although I find it less good for gaming than FreeDOS) The best "classic" DOS is PC-DOS 2000 (aka PC-DOS 7.0 rev. 1)
{name here}
badai wrote:
i don't think you could get it legally now.

Yes you could, you just couldn't get a new copy of it. eBay?

FreeDOS is okay. DR-DOS, however, I think is going to give you the best you can get without getting MS-DOS. The original Digital Research versions can run up to Windows 95, so you don't have to be stuck on the command line.

Since MS-DOS is so old, it doesn't even have a security key. You can download the thing off some abandonware site, write the floppy images, and run them on the machine without any issues. Security keys really started out with Windows 95 IIRC. Keep in mind, despite Microsoft having abandoned the thing entirely in favor of the Windows line, they still own the copyright. You even have to pry QuickBASIC 4.5 out of their cold, dead hands.
Billy Hill
I'm glad I kept my old dos disks. Wink
Billy Hill wrote:
I'm glad I kept my old dos disks. Wink

Me too. Too bad they are 5.25 inch. Wink

@cr3ativ3: google for "vetusware" Wink
Thank's everyone I will try some of the things you guys have suggested. When install FreeDOS and boot up it just gives me "Invalid Operating System!". I'll be back with the results of my attempts at installing DOS.
I found MS-DOS 7.10 not sure if it is Microsoft or not lol but anyways it seems to work fine for now I am just trying to locate and install qbasic now lol wish my luck if you got any hints then by all means post them!

Edit: I got qbasic working I am currently using QB 4.5 which includes and EXE maker which was much needed. So ya this topic can be closed unless anyone else wants to add anything thanks again to everyone that has helped out.
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