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Blog Comment Posting And Free Commenter Software

Someone Else wrote:
As we are known that "Blog Comment Posting" is still very effective way to increase your target traffic and get better position on Search Engine if you do it in the right way (not use spam technique), how do you use blog commenting effectively?

Portal Feeder are now giving away their blog commenter software, CommentKahuna free it's a Website Traffic Promotion Software. This is a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky tactics that destroy your search engine rankings.

Again, this is not my affiliate promotion but I would like to share it with you as a fellow Frihost member.

Getting started with this software is easy...

* Create your profile by enter the name, email and URL you are promoting. You can use your keyword as your name for example "Apichart of eMarketing System". However, do not use the name as spam word like "Click For More Money" or "Get your Gifts Here" or etc.
* You can select the minimum page rank and results you want found. Enter the keyword phrase and the type of blog you want, this software will show a list of blogs as you want.
* Select the blogs you want to post, then read and post your comments related to the contents, after finished you can read and post to the next or skip some blog as you want.
* You can save the results when you are finished, the results are saved in an HTML format with the page rank and date plus a link to the page so you can verify if your comment was approved...

This software can help you save a lot of time.

For more details, read on my blog please.

Hope you can get it before this promotion removed.
wow , thanks for sharing I am kind of sleepy so I don't quite get it Laughing ill check back when I have more stamina.
Here is an update news for "Blog Comment Posting And Free Commenter Software, CommentKahuna from Portal Feeder"...

As CommentKahuna users also wanted the ability to only find blogs that are NOT using the
"no follow" tag with the comments.

So... PortalFeeder's team just added this new feature for their users, it's CommentKahuna V2.0 and also free.

You can read more on my eMarketing System Blog.

Hope this give you a big advantage.
I would like to know if this blog commenting software is still available. I wanted to try it out considering that I am doing blog commenting most of the time. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips. I have bookmarked your site.
Please take your own advice and Don't Copy And Paste In Order To Spam!

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