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Seagate external hard drive losing SOME data.

I'm using a Seagate FreeAgent 300 gig external harddrive, and lately it's been doing some weird stuff. First I got some delayed write errors, where it wouldn't save data to the drive. Then, I looked at it recently, and it lost a good chunk of files from the drive. Not all the files, but about half of them. Don't worry, I backed up the rest.

So I'm looking to see if anyone has any idea what's going on. The data wasn't too important, so I'm not looking for a data recovery company, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on. I don't think it's a virus, and I don't think it's a simple harddrive failure, because the drive didn't die, it just lost some of the files. Any ideas? Thanks.
How old is your FreeAgent 300? and does it get a lot of use?

I ask because I once had a small (2.5") 40gig IBM external drive. It had, what seems like the same sort of problem, and even though it never actually 'died', it did work somewhat intermittently. It never stopped spinning and the data transfer light gave a steady constant flash when I attempted to access it.

After a lot of searching for answers someone inform me that it was more than likely to be a problem with the 'Read, Write heads' and warned me imminent failure.
It's only a couple months old... been using it only since July.

Imminent failure sounds dangerous. I've already contacted Seagate about it, so we'll see. Thanks, though. I figured it must be something like that.
A few months does seem extremely premature for it to be failing... you should see if you can get a replacement drive!

I would suggest it is a read-write head problem as long as you aren't hearing the "click of doom" and the drive seems to be spinning up ok.
sounds like a faulty HDD drive to me. Better of getting it replaced since it is still under warranty. Did you try using the HDD on another PC to see if the problem checks out as well? There is a possibily that the PC you are using it on may be the cause of the problem.
I had a similair problem on my Seagate 320gb external drive. Fortunately it was only when I used it on my vaio laptop which only has usb1 connectors. In the end it was a driver fault on my laptop and not the actual drive.
this is totally USB problem, I've seen it before on many ThinkPad T42 2373-6VU (don't ever buy this model) USB 2.0 just goes out without a notice and let you screwed sometimes drive wouldn't even be recognized

Why is it happening with you?
Probably under powered USB port!!!!!
this is what I recommend get a powered USB 2.0 Hub and hook it to your computer then hookup the external and see if there is any improvement!!!

I used to have tons of dying mouse action with my old Logitech optical mouse once I connected through the hub I never had any problems with it

this is what I'm using
and it's cheap Smile yea the USB cable is included and it can replace your lost Digital Camera USB cable!!!
like this one
So is the hub powered via the USB or does it plug into a power supply?
Recently too when I plug in my USB webcam I get a BSD with USB Driver error.

I also have a USB logitech optical mouse and a USB microsoft office keyboard plugged in.

Sony VAIO NV-209 which has 3 USB 1 ports.
it comes with a power supply Smile
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