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(--19GB Products! - Ebooks, Flash, Graphics, and More!--)

I have master resell rights on a set of around 35 files, all zip files, which equal 19 GigaBytes, which has:

50,000 EBooks - 3 Files
800+ Logos - 1 File
Developed Flash Sets - 3 Files
2 Raw Flash Sets - 2 Files
Flash Intros - 1 File
Fonts - 2 Files
Graphics - 4 Files
HTML - 2 Files
Templates - 2 Files
PSD - 12 Files
PSD Tutorials - 1 File
Sounds - 2 Files
Web Tools - 1 File

You can get these packages:

Normal - No Reseller rights, you can only use, can't redistribute in any way - 250 frih$

Reseller - Can resell package only Normal, can use package, can give parts away for free (under certain conditions), cannot sell Resellers or Master Resellers - 350 frih$

Master Reseller - Can resell Normal packages, can use package, can give parts away for free (under certain conditions), can sell Resellers, cannot sell Master Resellers.

You must buy the complete package, it is very difficult to get separate parts purchased.
Place orders now, on 12/7/2007, prices will increase to:
Normal - 325 frih$
Reseller - 500 frih$
Master Reseller - 650 frih$

You can also get this if you can do graphic/flash/coding1 jobs for my site for only 50 frih$, but if you can do extensively good work with any of the three (preferrably flash) you can get the product free if you can make me a few objects2.

1. All coding matters will relate to phpBB3 modification, extension, and connecting it to other software such as galleries to let users access it with the same login.
2. Depends on the work done; for graphics, you may have to make more.

I will also trade domains and links, varying on PR for links and expiration dates+extensions+registrars for domains.

I am trying to get something worked out, so soon you may be able to buy individual packages instead of the whole thing and there will be password protection, so only individual users can access it.

Also, to get this product free, if you can show me a site where I can host files with password protection so only certain users can access it, user IP to show what different users entered on what password, a control panel for an admin to add and remove files and users, and display certain files to certain users, or something close.

There may be a delay in getting you the files because they are being upgraded to a more secure area.
I am ready to buy Very Happy
What i understand from your post is that : Buyer has right to use it in any way (including commercial use and selling it).
Buyer cant sell reselling rights to anyone else.

I paid you the amount.

(FIles must not be on rapidshare/Magaupload or any other paid host.)

Edit: (Its a service of AOL)

What kind of E-books? Does the collection also contain ebooks about computer science (programming etc), and if so: what format (chm, pdf?) and from which publisher (O'reilly, APress, Wrox, etc)? If there is a sub-collection of computer-related ebooks and the books are interesting enough, I am interested in buying (the entire package, or just the computer-ebooks, whatever you want).
what kind of e-books u ahve can u tell me
Yeah, about the eBooks.
Tell us a few eBooks titles (10 - 20), or at least the subject.
I am not going to say all of them, but I know there is a few on PS2 cheats, and PS2 information, and getting a girlfriend or something. And there are multiple books in each topic. I asked the person who sold me them and they said that there is one for almost every topic.

They are all in PDF format. And you can pay me now, but I am putting the files on a more secure area so that you can download and resell them with peace.

I am making some changes and extending the offer. I am making a normal package (no reseller, cannot redistribute), reseller, and master reseller (you can sell reseller).

Look at first post.
why need to spend? if these files can be downloaded via torrent....

almost anything or any information can be found in the internet...

you just need to know how to search it. or you must learn to follow the white rabbit... ^_^
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