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My signature...

I really like my friends signatures that I made for them, but I can never make a good one myself.

Any tips are welcome, anything I can improve on. I still have the PSD if anybody would want to edit it for me! Many thanks.
It looks evil enough Razz ... Nice!
Thanks, I guess! Very Happy
It does look quite malevolent. Razz Erm, the one thing that's really bugging me is the white text in the bottom right hand corner, it just seems so out of place. I think it's a combination of the font and the white on black, which really just makes it stick out. Also, this is just an idea, but maybe if you made the primary diablo you have on there stronger with a close to full opacity and then echoed it at a lower opacity, it might look kind of cool. Smile

PS- Loving the flames!

What could I do with the text in the corner? Also, I am not understanding what to do with Diablo.
Erm, what about making it a sans serif font that looks a bit more severe and I would say do it in the same reddish orange surrounding the "diablo" (using the eyedropper) and throwing on a distance 0 drop shadow to make it stand out more subtly.

Regarding the diablo, I just realized that was an image, next text and flames you did by hand, so what I said is kind of not applicable anymore. My original idea was to increase the opacity of the image to make diablo more noticable. (obviously, you'd have to hardcut the flames, or maybe you could set the blending mode to screen or lighten) Then, you could duplicate the image and maybe play around with the sizing and throw it in the black space at a lowered opacity to create a cool echo effect and balance out the signature.

Am I making any sense whatsoever? If not, I'll be happy to edit the PSD to show you what I mean if you want. Smile

Also, I made this:

(Added some brush effects, it makes it darker.)

Is that any better? Also, the flames around Diablo II were not created by me. If you google Diablo 2 logo you will see the same thing. It's just how the logo for the game is. (Diablo II is a massive online game, and has been for years.)
Nice! I think I like the first one best. Razz

And sorry, my knowledge of online gaming is pretty close to zero. It's a nice incorporation of the logo though.

But yeah, I like it alot better with the new text, good job! Very Happy
Thank you. I have seen some of your work, your very good at photoshop. It's great to her that it's good from a true expert!
Ya it looks better with the gray words instead of white.

It may look better to have the Diablo word a little less transparent but not too much.

Looks pretty good right now though Wink
Not too bad, needs a more visable character render and text and a new background.

Maybe try using only one character render. Just has too much renders + text .

Keep trying.
Wow, that was cool. I understand what you mean to.

I can make 3d movies for school, but I can newer finish one for my self lol

Anyway, I like it allot! You got skills
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