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FBI probes for Chinese cyber spies

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI and the Pentagon are investigating whether Chinese spies have been hacking into U.S. government computer systems, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Officials are trying to determine whether the continuing hacking efforts are sponsored by Beijing or merely involve hackers using Chinese Web sites to mask their origins, they said.

In recent years units in the FBI Cyber-crime Division, established to combat computer intrusions, have seen hundreds of cases in which hackers using Chinese Web sites have compromised unclassified official U.S. networks.

One U.S. government official, who asked not to be identified, said government investigators had been involved for several years in "working this problem."

"You can't just jump on a plane and go to China and start questioning people," another government official said.

The FBI declined to comment because of the sensitive nature of the investigations.

Government officials acknowledge many of the attacked Web sites have been unclassified Defense Department sites.

Several other agencies involved with national security, including the departments of Energy and Homeland Security, also have been targeted, the officials said.

The investigation into the hacking and the debate about the origin were first reported by Federal Computer Week and The Washington Post.


These Chinese all the day playing online games makes them ultra hackers.
The US should use linux... maybe they wont get hacked so much.
shr3dd wrote:
The US should use linux... maybe they wont get hacked so much.

Heh heh heh Laughing Good point.
also think for this way,Chinese hacker help usa find leak and fault.hehe.
mengshi200 wrote:
also think for this way,Chinese hacker help usa find leak and fault.hehe.

that make sense Meng, the only way to check if a site is hackproof is to make sure that nobody can hack it.. so if somebody was able to get inside those sites, it means that the security that was set is weak.. they should work on it and be glad that somebody is getting to heir system.. Very Happy
I believe that it won't be Chinese sponsored hackers, but someone who just want to use Chinese' name. It could be group like Alqaeda in disguise. They are oversmart that no one can trace them until something dreadful happened. China is a very calm country, they don't interfere much with the world right now, but will do once they think that they are ready economically, militarily and in every fields, but even now also they never tolerate if any intruders come along... this is my opinion...
I also want to hack some one
but I don't know how to do so Surprised
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