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do u count computer gaming as a sport ?

computer gaming is it a sport or not?
yes, it is
 36%  [ 4 ]
No, its not
 63%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 11

Hi all. I was just wondering if computer gaming is a sport or not?
write ur opinion here.
According to EAsports, iit is a sport Smile
I don't think it's a sport. EA-sports is games about sports and does not mean that it's a sport. I mean Syndicate Wars is not a war it's a game :p
No...not at all.
It's an activity or hobby.
It can be considered as e-Sports for me Razz
haha, since everything goes "e", so sports can be in electronic form... Very Happy
but this e-Sports do not train or build up our physical condition...
No .It cannot b considered.It is just a hobby.
Computer gaming is definitely not a sport. Sports are always hard to define but generally anything which requires some athleticism, which gaming does not, can be considered a sport.
Nope. It's not a sport. Never was, and never should be. It's just a relaxing hobby.
Yes, it is!
There are a lot of competition held all over the world every year, why not it can't be counted as some kind of sports?

Even Chess is sports!
Patriot Players
I love gaming, but its not a sport. Even if there are competitions. There are chess competitions, it can be pretty widely agreed chess isnt a sport. There beauty competitions, but no one calls those sports. As many things as gaming can be, a sport is unfortunately not one of them.
Yes, it is a sport.

What is a sport? A sport is something that people play for merriment, enjoyment or glory.

Sports are supposed to be competitive. So, at the World Cyber Games, gaming nerds play each other for glory.

I say it's a sport. A budding sport.
Well I voted no, but, I suppose it can be counted as a sport, for those nerds who compete in videogame tourneys. haha.
Computer gaming is not sport. Just like chess is not a sport. Move yout tush honey if you want it to be called sports.
It is just like saying collecting rocks is a sport! (No Offense to rock collectors) I would definitely not count it as a sport. Most sports are physical, with a few exceptions, but computer gaming is definitely not a sport. Shocked
I would classify a sport as involving some sort of physical activity using more than your hands and a keyboard/mouse/gamepad.

Therefore computer games, whether they be for enjoyment or a profession, are not and should never be considered a sport. And the same goes for chess, darts, pool and poker (hearing that Fox Sports? That's why I would never pay your obscene prices for your otherwise fine service).
ummm.... no... There isn't any physical activity involved. If that ever gets counted as a sport, then I will seriously start worrying about the health of our society.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
If that ever gets counted as a sport, then I will seriously start worrying about the health of our society.

I would too. We should be encouraging people to spend just a tad less time in front of the computer and getting them outside, even if it's just for a 30 minute walk.

Computer gaming is entertainment - not a sport.
I think that in some contexts gaming could be considered a sport while in other's it would not.

Let's just see how it plays out. Smile
computer gaming is definetely not a sport. yeah people go frantic about it, but it doesn't take any physical ability. yeah a lot of skill is involved, but thats it. in all sports you see people in good physical shape, as for computer gaming, you can be out of shape and still be good at video games.

just because other things are displayed on foxsports and espn (poker, dominoes, scrabble, etc.) doesn't mean they are sports. they are more hobbies than anything. i enjoy playing video games just as much as the next person but i dont feel like im getting any kind of workout or physical benefits from playing them Razz
So, it's not a sport. Someone can disagree, but i think that more than sport it is waste of time.
For me sport is somethink with physical effort (eq. running, cycling, swimming). It's like Chess, it's not a sport for me as well. Computer gaming is just sitting on the chair.
Even if it they are competitive or fun, I would never count computer gaming as a sport. I don't know who the hell came up with this idea to even consider playing games a sport. I think it's an insult to true sports that actually require some physical skill and sharp mind. It might seem old fashioned of me, but I'd really hate to see acknowledging playing games a sport, while normal sports improve us physicaly and mentaly, e-gaming tends to do the opposite...
I'm pretty sure that there will be more logicall arguments for, rather than against and it only shows how the society has gone bad Sad
At this rate, soon watching television in various positions will be considered a sport...
sport (spôrt, spōrt) pronunciation

1. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
2. A particular form of this activity.

No, there is no way I would consider computer gaming (or any type of gaming) a sport. It is a hobby - nothing more, nothing less.
I am an avid sports fan and I regularly play poker and video games/computer games and I can say they are not sports. I know in Korea, they make computer gaming to be some sort of spectacle taking place in stadiums with teams. While they may be placed on a level of spectacle of sport, note the massive time ESPN and Fox Sports devotes to poker, I say they are merely hobbies to pass the time away.

The only physical attributes one needs for computer gaming is hand eye coordination and fingers that possess some form of dexterity.

Chess is not a sport, card games are not a sport, computer gaming is not a sport. Athletes play sports and you certainly don't have to be an athlete to do any of those activities.
Now they are making new equpiment more and more as our society is growing that pretty soon here you maybe able to consider video games sport. Wii so far is the greatest on the public scale that have achieved something like that. They are working on some other things that may be pretty cool and would be considered a sport. But if you're talking about average games that you see around then no I wouldn't consider those sports at all considering you're not really doing too much to get active. Unless you're playing a basketball video game and you actually go outside and play then that video game has nothing to do with actually participating in that individual sport. That's just my opinion though, everyone has their own so yeah.
there's a lot of debate over the differnce between a game and a sport. IF you don't coout gaming as a sport then what would you make of the following activities

hurling (no not vomiting - that stupid sport where they go on ice skates with a vacuum cleaner and see who can mop the dust up the fastest)
synchronised swimming
ice skating (Dance style)

PErsonally don't think of any of them as sport. only chess, snooker/pool and poker are inherantly zero-sum and so have a competition element that's not artificial, OTOH, track and field events aren't zer o sum and competition is artificial - nobody would say running isn't a sport.
i would consider it as a sport. after all, you need to use your mind and skill... like in any other sport...
If u think of WII, u have to count computer games as sports too
wii is very interactive
My answer would be no, unless the specific computer game pertains to pure strategy. If they make chess a sport, then a computer game can be a valid argument.
NO! Enough said.
If chess and card games(bridge) are considered as sports, then i don't see why computer games cannot be considered one. It has element of competition, rules, involves 2-more players(multiplayer), and it mostly it requires you to think. So yeah, i will consider it as a sport.
Gaming is not a sport, it is in the MLG and other stuff. It is a hobbie, i am pretty young but love to game.

Maybe EAsports said that there games are sports.
Only if you count Math competitions and Golf as sports too :p
It REALLY is. Think about Counter Strike championships. Fifa, or racing championships. I saw these days a CS champ. on EuroSport.
They show also some crazy japanese competitions which aren't sports at all Wink

I think it's not a sport, but as someone wrote, it could be counted as "e-sport" Razz
Firilacroco wrote:
It REALLY is. Think about Counter Strike championships. Fifa, or racing championships. I saw these days a CS champ. on EuroSport.

Just because there's competition in striving to be the best at something, doesn't immediately make it a sport.
I don't consider computer gaming a sport. I don't consider Nascar a sport either, although I'm guessing a lot of people will disagree with me on that. To me, a sport requires physical skill & ability. Anything where you're sitting still in a chair isn't a sport.
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