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best linux magazine??

Ive been looking at subscribing to one of the many linux magazines out there. Anyone have any opinions on which one(s) are considered to be the best?

Also do certain magazines tend to focus on certain areas or do they have quite a broad focus?

The few I have found are linux journal, linux format, linux user and development, linux pro magazine

My own interests in linux would range from user to development to enterprise.
Do you know you can read past issues of Linux Journal online for free?

There is also Linux Gazette, a free online Linux magazine:

You can read some PDF's of past articles from Linux Format here:

I don't know Linux Gazette very well, but Linux Journal has often very interesting articles, ranging from development (introductions to languages and tools) to end-user (office applications and such). Linux Format is also great, especially the tutorials section in the back of the magazine.
thanks I didnt know Linux Format had free pdfs to download. Also after some more looking I see you can buy the entire linux journal archive for only $30 which is quite good.

Im also trying to figure out the pros/cons of each magazine and what each has to offer over the other.

I think the linux gazette joined up with the linux journal or so I read somewhere
I am a subscriber of LINUX For You (

Its pretty good and covers a lot for users, developers and enterprises.

It also features two disks, 1 most of the times is a distro (Mandriva 2008 in November) and other contains updates and other softwares.
Studio Madcrow
I like Linux Format and Linux Magazine. They're more focused on "Linux for desktop power users" and less on "Linux for server farm administrators" (which is what Linux Journal seems to be more about IMHO) and so I read 'em. I love the monthly live DVDs.
I think Linux journal for its price seems to suit my interests better. As Studio Madcrow said it does concentrate more on sys admin type stuff which is what Im looking at more these days as well. I dont really mind the dvds as Ive a good connection and can always download.
Studio Madcrow
The other reason I like Linux Format is that it just oozes that "classic UK Computer Magazine" feel. The Brits know how to put together GREAT computer magazines and are just about all I read when I want periodical dead tree information about computers and video games...
Linux format is good, its just that if you buy it outside of the UK its very expensive. I think Ill go for the digital subscription of linux journal for now
I know some good Linux magazines, but they are in foreign language for you Sad
Studio Madcrow
teko wrote:
Linux format is good, its just that if you buy it outside of the UK its very expensive. I think Ill go for the digital subscription of linux journal for now

Meh, according to my hand Pouds->Dollars converter, it's roughly the same cost in the US and the UK. It's very expensive EVERYWHERE Wink
I used to get Maximum Linux, but the publisher decided to cut it loose. This was years ago. They always had a CD in the bag with the magazine, and they usually had a distro released every month. Some of them were very good for the time, but now there are a lot more to choose from and they are all much more user friendly.

They were a little ahead of the times for MaximumLinux to be released. They'd have a much better time of it now with all the new users and applications and distros that are being released. The mag would likely have a good readership now.

Still have some of the old magazines in storage. Now that I am getting back into Linux again, I will likely pull them out to look over.

I am loving the Open Source revolution that is going on now!
Linux Format is definitely the best I've seen, though it is quite expensive for what you actually get.
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