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Web Design student

I am a Student at Northwest Arkansas community college and I have been doing web design for about 16 weeks now. It has been fun and allowed me to gain a great deal of experience in the web developer world. I am also a Graphic Design student and hopefully the skills taught there will help me with the web design world, of which I truely admire.
doing web design is great. i am not a graphic design student, neither web page design. but i learn it myself. and i got 5 years experience in it. and i got prices for my designs. webpage design needs graphic design, as well as animation design. i'm enjoy doing it too but unfortunately i don't have the opportunity to study it. my field now is psychology. going to graduate next year. but i love being a graphic designer.
I currently made the website for the annual Tech Fest of our college and it was real fun. The best part of making any website (in my view) is managing data elegantly.
Wow I thought I would never get a reply back. I just finished my web design class(Praise God) I had to build a fifteen page website for my final project. It was a pain. I really liked it, but afterwards I started to think I could do much better, but it was too late. You could see it here: End Time Army It's very cheap looking so don't mind the newbieness. As for psychology I just finished that as well. I had a 140 question final exam covering five chapters. I went into my friends class to take it, since the college I attend is five hours away. Their class started at 1:00pm, and I started at 12:45pm and they finished their class before I was done with my test. Their test covered 1 chapter and had only fifty fingers hurt BAD!
yo! Dude, can you give me some "directions" about web-design art?
I can do a lot of technical part but when it's come to pure webdesign... I'm lost.
The weird part is that I am involved in print business and I believe that I can do nice works (leaflets, advertisement, magazines)... but when it's come to design something for web I'm not so sure anymore about my works...
What should I do to gain "self-esteem" in this part??
Man I am just learning web design and now I can't stop its so exciting and fun and you get to be creative and you get to be wild wtih you design its all you own once you get started you won't stop
I do love web design too. But I rarely design on my web development since I am a programmer or I do the back end code for the web applications. Hopefully, I could do creative web designs.
I started designing sites pretty soon, with about 12 years old. Anyway, i lost a lot of knowledge from there to now, i need to study a little more to achieve the same level of integrity i got back there.
awesome. learn as much as you can and keep on doing it, it's gonna be a lot of fun but very stressful and can be very demanding. i wish you the best of luck!!!
Nice. I too learnt Web Design and graphics design myself.
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