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A website designed for a mate

a mate of mine asked me to design him a website.

Its running on wordpress and he is a happy boy althjought there is very little content up there.

Your thoughts appreciated.
Nice website with nice layout. There is good information and some aren't finished as you told. One thing bothers me. The credits are inside of <li>. I think you have accidently putted a <li> tag instead of <div> tag. The site was some how slow, but it might be on my connecion too.

If you fix the creadit problem, I could give you 5/5 Wink Now it is 4/5.
Love the design.. and the design is all you have control over, so thumbs up for that.
Nice website. Good effort. Needs much more improvement but its a great start! Keep it up!
Nice layout with rock-feeling!
I would take away the little guitar at the left of all the headlines. It's too much. You already have so many things going on in the layout.
The black and dark red are cool, but the pink doesn't quite fit in with the rest...
Go easy on the dashed borders :/
On link-hover, you make the text bold. It makes the following text jump down when you hover it (at least I think the hover is the cause of it). You can especially see it on the links page.
Else; very cool :)
I like the look and feel of it. I just don't like the crosshair when you hover over a link. That looks kind of amatuer to me.
Cool site, I like the layout.
Very nice background.
Nice. Resizes, so it's functional. And you've used a funky background image so it looks good.
And you've used semantic xhtml/css.
Nice job.
Nice job with the validation.
hello there. Good day.

Well it's a nice site. Smile nice graphics.
One thing thou, arrange the page well....

overall. nice job. just need a little more creativity.
First of all - your template is really atmoshperic and dont' look regular like free ones! Black, white and dark red look pretty nice here. Your logo..? Right upper side with the name "" ruins all the picture. Font looks really bad, and letters are big and ugly (just my opinion). You'll better think about new creative picture logo like dark red color spot with the name in IMPACT, bold font in white color. The second minus is the font of the content: it's really difficult to read thoose white tiny letters on black background. Few experiments with fonts and you'll solve the problem. Overall remains only good impression of the work. Want to see finished version too ^_^
First off, the idea behind the design is a good one.
Sort of a rock feeling to the theme, for a guitarist.

The Problems with the design:

On resize: Good Intention, but not needed. It actually annoys me that it changes the height of my window.

Cursor: Crosshair Cursor is Unneeded and just plain annoying (in my opinion).

Guitar Picture:
It takes too much attention away.
It began to get on my nerves, it catches my attention a little too easily.
The colors clash overall with the design.

Site Name:
It needs a better font, and something to draw your attention.

Font is really hard to read, making following the content a pain.

Li element surrounding credits:
Changing the List element for the credits to a div element will fix the semantics problem.

Okay, after all that ranting, here's my final analysis. The design is focused more on impact than content. Impact is good for pictures, but not for text. You need to make your text readable to anyone with less than perfect eyesight. Remove the guitar that keeps drawing everyone's attention and I think you'd have a good design on your hands. I really hope you don't take my review too hard. It really is a stunning design, but you really need to focus on displaying content first and design second.
i liked the site in general, but would also remove the cross hair effect. this spells amateur to me. also the font in all the text is super hard to read in firefox, maybe it is better in other browsers but not firefox...
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