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porn virus

porn virus i have a porn pop up virus what can i do please
seems to me like ur just spamming now but anyways

1) virus scan with updated definitions
2) spyware check with ad-aware, spybot S+D etc
Hmm, just seens like adware/spyware.

Just run a spyware check like orno said.
yeah, spyware should do it
download hijackthis here
and post the scan-log, if there is really a virus I should be able to help you with it
Hi, i also use adaware and its a really good program, but it doesn't keep all popups away or scripts on some internetpages.
But there is a program called NoAdHOSTS and that one wroks fine for me!
Almost no ads at all! even on msn sites or hotmail, the places where the ads are are displaying a blank page.
What the program does is replacing your hostsfile and put in a new one containing a lot of spamurl and adservers etc, so anytime you enter an url containing one of these hosts or refers to them they simply will be send to 127.0.0 wich is your own computer and a cannot show page message will be shown instead.
And on some sites its better to turn off scripts or set it to ask first, most times you can find what you are looking for without the use of scripts.
Good luck!
First of all you should use Ad-aware but then some other good spyware (I like Spysweeper). Ad-aware is a good program, but it don't find some ads and spywares, so that's why you should use some another program.
i would recommend using a good anti-virus scanner and a good anti-spyware.

i always seem to get alot of spyware and not alot of viruses. so i would recommend a good spyware remover.

the tools i use are avg and spydoctor
both are free programs but can be purchased for better use

avg can be downloaded from the free version can be downloaded which is version seven. this will prevent viruses from being run on your computer and find them and delete them for you. i like it because with most of my viruses i have had it has detected as soon as i downloaded it.

spy doctor
this can be downloaded from this is another free program but can be purchased. this will scan your computer and remove any threats and can free up some ram to make the computer run faster. it also does its own little scan whilst you are using the computer without affecting your computer speed.
i hate those porn virus...why they create something like that?...
try avg it will do the job...dont go to a porn site lol Laughing
Hmm.. Its probably ads.. Get adware. Great Ads cleaner.
If you are using MS XP, use Microsoft Antispyware. I found it quite useful. If not, use Ad aware. Also, run a virus scan to ensure it is not a virus. Virus are much more harmful than spyware.
Mac wrote:
porn virus i have a porn pop up virus what can i do please

Thats exactly what happened to me two days ago. I went to a game site and clicked a link there. It gave me an unavoidable pop up. It cant be blocked by IE pop up blocker. So, when I tried to close the window, one more window popped up and YUK, disgusting. You know what I mean. When I tried to close that window, another one popped up with the same sort of stuff. And then, my Norton Internet Security gave me a message that there are 7 trojan horses on my pc and that it has deleted it. I quickly ended all the programs from the task manager and ran a full computer scan. All the viruses got deleted but some adware still remained. Now, I dont know if it is a good or a bad one but i am trying to remove it.
I have had that to some years ago, I downloaded and installed a virusscanner (antivir -> free) and I downloaded hitman pro, hitmanpro setups the best spyware stuff, adaware SS&D spy sweeper and some others. I thought I have seen an english translation.

hope this works


First my excuses for my bad English
I would not recommend using HitmanPro.
HitmanPro is a programme that automatically downloads and activates some known anti-spywareprogrammes. Sounds good... I know, but it is all going automatically... and you can't control which items are deleted. Great programme for al those who are happy with only a start and a stop button, but NOT totally "it".

HitmanPro also has its own spyware prevention methods but they aren't really "correct".

If normal antispywareprogrammes do not fix youre spyware-infection, hitman pro will certainly NOT do anything better!!

Why do people donate to HitmanPro?
Because they are happy because their spyware infection is gone.. but that wasn't the work of HitmanPro but the programmes in it. So... HitmanPro is getting the credits of best spyware remover, but that programme did not remove anything. Be sure that there will be a collision with real anti-spyware programmes... it is only a matter of time.Shhh

For your problem:
- If normal anti-spywareprogrammes don't work, I advise you to go to a specialised site. There, they will help you deal with your problem.

There are a lot of those sites.
For example: In Holland you have the ASO-forum.
With the help of a HJT-log they will help you out, they also have English-support and an English part on their forum. Of course, the assistance will be in English.

James Smile
I would try this to remove the virus/trojan:

This is really better for scanning purposes than any personal antivirus, although you obviously can't get real-time protection with it. I would also download Spybot S&D ( ) AND Microsoft Antispyware ( ). Keep them both updated, keep both of their real-time protection on, and set them to run automatically in the middle of the night or something. Also, download SpywareBlaster ( ) - this is basically just like SpyBot's Immunize feature, but much, much more extensive. You should buy Norton Antivirus, but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, download avast! Antivirus ( ). Download Kerio Personal Firewall ( ) so you can control which programs access the internet. Lastly, if you really want to be secure, do not involve yourself in warez, P2P, porn, and other questionable activities AT ALL.

As a side note, I wouldn't use the Ad-Aware free edition...Microsoft Antispyware and Spybot have better scanners and come with free real-time blocking.
I scanned my problem with Norton Internet Security. It is the best program for Antivirus and Security around.
Mac wrote:
porn virus i have a porn pop up virus what can i do please

for how many years i'm using these anti trojan software, try it now it's free, these is the best anti trojan software i've ever known:

Ad-aware se >

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4 >

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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