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My favourite game is unreal tournament. it's a real awesome game. i've got unreal tournament 2004 now but soon im going to buy unreal tournament 3 (2007).

who plays the game too?
I've just tried a demo of UT3 and it's the most fun I've had with UT since the first one. I'll be looking to buy that, probably in the post Christmas sales. I've got 2004, but it's slower playing, buggy (even with the latest patch) and generally not as fun as it could have been. It's not a bad game by any means and there are a ton of user made maps that even beat the quality of the official ones, but the fun factor was decidedly lacking even with mods like instagib and the rest.

The only thing that I don't like at all about UT3 is the menu system. It's very poor on PC and clearly wasn't at all designed to work with a mouse and keyboard. Even configuring the controls is inexplicably worse than 2004. But once you're in the game, that's not an issue at all. The graphics are pretty good too.
I play unreal Tournament 2004!!!

Its awesome, what's your alias/name?

Mine is 9people
i think its a very wonderfull game.
maybe unbeliaveble.

most of people must play Smile
Yeah UT is a bomb too, i like it alot because of the speed, it's just a sick game. Not many ppl tend to play it now though, which is very sad.
I love UT 1991 which i've had for like 5 years, and I got UT3 on xbox the other day, still amazing as ever. Fast paced fun which i prefer to those more realistic games.
I've only tried UT2004 and it was the best FPS I've ever played!! I'm not sure if I'll buy UT3, the screen shots kinda looks like 2004 with only a graphical update. I'm going for diablo 3 or fallout <3 instead.
My brother was playing it so I checked it out. I played it a while and very enjoyed playing it. But now I have stopped with it, because I am too busy with school.
Unreal Tournament 99 - was the best game ever back in the day - had a huge online community and was Game of the Year, none of the other UT's could ever live up to UT99...

I feel like installing it now and playing it... Shock Combo and Sniper Rifle for the win!
UT is a mad series of games to play. The first one i played was the game of the year edition and then i bought ut2004 which was pretty fun. Hoping to get ut3 soon off steam
i've played like the older UT (I'm not sure which, game of the year version maybe) Haha, and also UT 2004. I tried installing UT3 on my computer but it couldn't support so oh well. Great games anyways, definitely something worth trying. Never regretted playing that game, not even for one sec. XD

Their assault missions are just hella fun. Team deathmatch and deathmatch is just way too kickass. And Capture the Flag is as fun as ever. ;D Love it! 10/10.
Capturing the flag on Facing Worlds, oh the memories!
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