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What do you think of freelancing?

Are you freelancer?

If so what sites do you subscribe to? What do you recommend?

As for me, I worked in corporate office for three years, had enough, and settled down to freelancing. Have been at it for six months now - and hey I'm earning more than I did at office!

Very Happy

I mainly use and

Mostly the former. They have amazing oppurtunities and a very nominal fee.

I've also tried and The former I find too stuffy, and latter is quite pathetic!

What about you guys?
I do freelancing of a different style. I film a lot of weddings and other special events. It makes a good amount of cash, so it keeps me fairly happy. My favorite was the time I was running three cameras for a dance recital.
Oh wow. I'm still a student but I enjoy doing web design for other people (with or without money). The community I live in is actually pretty big on web design and I always get more requests than I can handle. Of course, I'm a student and I don't depend on this for a living...
I do freelancing of a kind of different sort as well. I do one person video production....sometimes it's like owning your own business. I actually have to purchase a business license and everything. Sometimes, I do concept to creation TV commercials, wedding films, or short documentaries. Other times I get called by TV stations (local TV stations or national like CNN or The Weather Channel) to shoot freelance news for them. Sometimes, I produce video news releases for businesses that want to get out their message, or produce video for the internet (kind of like Youtube but MUCH higher quality encoding and such.) This is all with my own gear. Still other times, I get hired by the local PBS, using their gear to shoot random things that their staff videographer can't get too (they only have one staff videographer and when things get busy he can't keep up.) I've even done LIVE webcasts of state government meetings. So pretty much anything related to video and multimedia.

It's pretty cool really. I could never have a 'normal' job where I went to work and did the same thing every day, I'd stab myself with a pencil from boredom. Plus it's nice to work for yourself.....I decide what hours and such that I want to work. Plus, I get to decide my own salary....what do I feel like charging for a job? No more being stuck making minimum wage because that's all the company will pay you.

Course there are some downsides. You never know when or where your next job is coming from. That can cause some stress. Keeping track of all the paperwork involved, local taxes, equipment writeoffs and such means you do a lot more work than just your actual work....and you don't get paid for it. No steady income and such. But overall, I think it's better than working to make someone else money (because when you work for someone else, make no mistake, you are making THEM money.)
AnalogPlayers wrote:
I do freelancing of a different style. I film a lot of weddings and other special events. It makes a good amount of cash, so it keeps me fairly happy. My favorite was the time I was running three cameras for a dance recital.

Hey, how did you get the first freelance contract? I don't know, it seems too hard to get a first contract...
How did you advertised yourself? Did you have friends, co-former workers... some references?
I want to freelance in print business but it seems so hard to get a first contract...
freelance is a good way to make extra money. a lot of people freelance, you have no boss, work from home, time freedom. and you still get to do what you wanna do. some people do strictly freelancing, some people do it partially. i do it also. graphic design freelance, it's fun and i enjoy getting extra money.
What about for someone looking for a volunteer project, like someone looking to build a portfolio? Another way of putting it, would a developer who registers with these sites be able to find volunteer projects in web development or other coding?
Freelancing is always easier to be said than done. However it sometimes provide good cash. Although the income is quite irregular for any kind of freelancing unless you are unique in that field. However it gives freedom from daily routine job.
The eventual aim of freelancing may be to have a business. So the first stage, that is, self employment must be preparation stage of a business. It is important to understand the difference. Self employment is what most people do when they try to organize their own business. It is basically a job. The only difference is that you no longer have a boss. You are both the boss and the employee. Certainly self employment is more fun than working for someone else. But it has many problems. The biggest problem is overwork. For example, instead of eight hours you may have to work twelve or sixteen hours a day. In other words, these people do not own a business, their business owns them. When self employed, you basically do the same job you used to do for someone else. The basic feature of self employment is that your business only makes money when you work. If you take a vacation your business stops making money or makes less.

A true business is different. It is not the same as a job. A business is organization of systems. It continues to work when you are not working or present. You create systems automating your business or train others to do parts of it. The goal must be to establish a business that can run without you. Ideally you should be able to disappear for six months and the business continues working well while you are gone. In fact, this is easier said than done. In order to accomplish this you must organize every part of your business. You must simplify all tasks and train people to accomplish them easily. You must conduct clear, strong management system. You must automate every part of your business you can so that things happen automatically. I wish everybody (who have courage to leave a job to have his or her business) be successful their self employed level and be able to convert it to a real bussiness. Good luck.
I haven't tried freelancing but I don't think it's easier as it seems. I think having a business would still be better
Woww, thank you, I just started to looking for freelance job recently, your sites could help me a lot for start points. Thanksss!
I've just started as a freelancer. I usually look for a job on or
oDesk is one of the important freelancing site because many people started getting work from. It has jobs for beginners to professionals, with clients and employees from all around the globe. Youíll see plenty of low-budget jobs on here, but you can also encounter super clients who are eager to pay well. How the system works: First of all simply sign up for an account on the site, then you can browse through thousands of job postings. Depending on your skills search by category, and fill out applications for anything you prefer. If you get interviewed or hired, you can follow your hours or project position on oDesk and then get paid directly through the site. What must be done: 1)Fill out your complete profile, with samples and references. Customers may contact you about jobs, so you need to make your profile as tempting as possible. 2) Take several tests. You will have to take the oDesk Readiness Test prior to you can apply for jobs, but then you should take others connected to your skills. This demonstrates clients what you can really do.

Apart from the two point two other items important. 1) Link a removal option to your account. This requires a long time to set up, so you should get it going as you work on your first mission. 2) Add a cover letter for every job you apply to, just as if you were submiting an application to a 9-to-5 gig. However there are some behaviours that you must avoid: 1) Donít request straight payment. Without any practice or feedback on the site, no one is going to trust you to just give you their cash. 2) Donít Get discouraged if you donít get a job immediately. You may have to take something cheaper than anticipated to gain practice and criticism. 3) Donít forget to leave comment after a plan is complete. When you write yours, your customerís will show up on your profile. 4) Donít be afraid to submit an application for something different. Some of the best jobs are for topics you had to learn more about. You cannot know, if you donít try.
Freelancing is enjoyable if you have the stomach for it. It is always seems to be feast or starve. Also a pain getting the work, doing the work, billing your hours and making them pay. I have been doing this for 15 years!
As an Engineer, I like the different challenge with each new customer/project but I hate all the pre & post stuff.
standready wrote:
Freelancing is enjoyable if you have the stomach for it. It is always seems to be feast or starve. Also a pain getting the work, doing the work, billing your hours and making them pay. I have been doing this for 15 years!
As an Engineer, I like the different challenge with each new customer/project but I hate all the pre & post stuff.

The having to bid for each job and not having a steady job can be stressful as well. I know a few general contractors that have this problem. But it can be a really good thing if you can keep the business coming your way.
Many people used Elance when they started freelancing. Which one is better Odesk or Elance? It depends. Elance is a powerful alternative, with large amount of variety of jobs postings for all kinds of people interested with freelancing. So, it could be tried to find out whether it is suitable for you or not. First of all, you must sign up an account and you must fill the details of your profile. Having done the necessary basics you can examine potential jobs. Then, you can bid how much money you could possibly do the job for. If your offer is better than the other applicants, either in terms of price or in terms of talent, the customer will decide to work with you. It is important to know that project completion and Money payment are all realized through Elance. What must be done or what must not be done to get highest from Elance? If you know the details you would get better results out of Elance.

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