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haven´t seen many different animes, but this was my favourite. my ex girlfriend brought in into my life and i loved it ... chii is such sweet ^^

you know it?
I only watched opening of anime myself, but I have read first two volumes of manga. Story is incredibly original, about robots, who are actually looking like a cute girl. And finally, I found myself fallen in love with Chii. Completely. She's cute and beautiful, although she's a robot. Well, sometimes I have nasty feelings about her. And that guy (I don't remember his name) is a incredibly lucky person.
I thought it was really cute, but kinda short. I really could have read it the the length of something like RuroKen.

CHi is sooo adorable, and I like to use her outfits to insipre my lolita clothes.
I couldn't watch it 'cause I dislike the idea of seeing a guy falling in love with a machine, Cyber, etc...

Well, insted I watched Alita, an a classic anime where two cybers fall in love, It's a little different
and I dare to say "Better"

I have never watched the anime, but I started reading the manga some years ago. Never got too into it though, even though I find the plot pretty cute.
I've seen Chobits. It's definitely awesome Smile!! Chii totally touched my heart with her sweetness! and hideki! hahaha he's just full of laughters!

Some sad bits though but I honestly think this is one of my top 10 favourite animes Very Happy!
i love chobits havent seen any lately i think i was up to episode 13 or 14. damn i gotta find the ones after that.
I watched Chobits, and I loved it. It would have been cool if there was a Season Two to it, but probably there wasn't cause there wouldn't be much point to it. Hideki, the extremely lucky guy. A guy who falls in love with an robot, and another guy who falls in love with his own teacher. Hehehehe Smile
I hated the anime. I was pretty into the manga for a while, but then it EXPLODED into popularity and I just couldn't stand all the fan-fapping that went on. :( Now it just makes me mildly bitter to think about it.
This was a good Anime, but it was a little too perverted for what I was expecting. Guess I can't really blame the Japanese, because it was, to say the least, humorous. The story was a little skewed near the end of the Anime, but I'm sure the Manga version does the job a lot better covering that little "secret project" storyline. I'd watch it again, if I had nothing else to do.
Hi there,

I've seen the anime and also seen an OVA or 2 (not quite sure about this part). I must say that at first I had a bit of a hard time accepting the anime story and plot development but i ended up loving it. It's not just love between man and machine...I'm not going to spoil anything but i think it's a worthy serie. Besides, it is a classic that many parody animes use Smile

Stay Cool !!
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