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Small Dogs in Japan

Does anyone know or at the very least developed a theory as to why having extremely tiny minuscule small dogs is becoming so popular amongst Japanese young urban women?

I get the size bit, many Japanese live in small apartments and therefore having a St. Bernard Dog is not really feasible. I am more interested in the social side. Is it a fad? Is it a replacement for the lack of human interaction often found in big cities?

Any takers?
No not at all...
i dont think that small dogs are popular at all...
i have a small dog but offcourse i would like a big one..
its not a metter of tehory , its only because big dogs cant live inside houses ,
they are making a mess
i am not a fan of small dogs... if you want a small pet buy a rabbit. do you all know "Kommissar Rex" It΄s a german TV Episode including a German Dog. Very sweet.
I need photos of st bernanrd dog

somebody help me

thanx for all

Small dogs in japan ... isn't that food ???
Correct me if i am wrong but i heard that Japanese eat dog meat ... pretty gross
It's probably for the same reasons women in other countries are turning to small dogs. For a start it's fashionable. Many celebraties have tiny dogs they carry around in bags so their fans want to do the same. Small dogs are seen to be more practical. Unfortunately many people think they don't need a garden or walks like bigger dogs. They're got as a child substitute, are spoilt like crazy and finish up with all sorts of problems.

I've got a small dog because a small one was more practical for me at the time. She's got a big garden, is taken for long walks and is spoilt by my husband, but not me.
hiquality wrote:
Small dogs in japan ... isn't that food ???
Correct me if i am wrong but i heard that Japanese eat dog meat ... pretty gross

Wrong country. Dog meat is traditionally consumed in many Asian cultures, but Japan isn't one of them. Korea is more famous for the consumption of dog (and cat), as well China, and areas/ethnic tribes in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.
There have been some interesting sociological studies on this that are reported in the Iwate Shimbun... unfortunately, not in English, but they all seem to focus on two root causes for the popularity of small dogs:

1) Trend. They're cute, they're portable, and they can be dressed as an extension of oneself. Celebs have them, and Japan has a terrific love of fashion and fad.

2) Companionship. Because dogs enjoy human interaction more than other types of pet, they can be an excellent substitute for human affection. Unmarried Japanese women and married women without children seem to be the main subjects. A small dog is much easier and cheaper to care for than a child (or boyfriend), especially in the hyper-expensive urban society of tiny apartments. Additionally, the traditional model of family life that still dominates Japan dictates that a wife should manage all the duties of the house while the husband earns a salary to support them both. With all the time that women spend at home, it's nice to have a small pet around for company.

One article also hints that the preference of unmarried women and childless wives to substitute pets for children may be contributing in some small way to the increasing number of female bachelors and/or sexless marriages in Japan, which is a known factor in the negative birth rate currently plaguing the long-term economic and social stability of the whole nation.
i was unaware of this kind of information.kep it up my dear friend as all this kind of information is going to help others.
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