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how many visitors you get per day ?

Hi.. Please let us know how many visitors to get per day (Avg.) ? I started my website and I only get a few say aboyt 20 visitors a day. I do not earn any profit from my web site so I cannot go for pay-per-click advertisement. Can you let me know about your site.

Is it possible to earn good amount with Adsense ? If you have adsense how much you earn per month ?

If you can give an idea how to generate trafic for my web site that will be very helpful.

well, I get loads of page hits a day, primarily because my sig and avatar are linked to from 3 other foums as well...

As far as adsense is concerned, you can refer to the official thread of Adsense in this forum itself. Do no start posting about Adsense, or I'm going to have to shut down this thread as well Very Happy
hmm...i get about 200 hits a day...=)
boringest wrote:
hmm...i get about 200 hits a day...=)

Unique or just hits? I jsut started my site and my hits a dwindling followed by massive fluxuation. [24-738]... But so far after three weeks the average for my main site is 56 unique hits per day. Not much but it will grow.
unique =)
i get about 1000 uniqe visits on 3 different sites
onyx wrote:
i get about 1000 uniqe visits on 3 different sites

That's great! Obviously you have done something right. Can you show us some links?
I get tons of traffic at Updates have recently been rare, but with a new advertisement program being released I plan on keeping up to date. Stay tuned.

The Design Dump
Kit wrote:
onyx wrote:
i get about 1000 uniqe visits on 3 different sites

That's great! Obviously you have done something right. Can you show us some links?

sure ... get like 90% and fcs site thats in my sig makes a few and another site im not gonna list here makes some as well Smile
my unique hit counter clocked one day at 290 something and it stays around 150-300 unique hits a day. I mean that is really pretty good for a small free hosted website.
well i get like 20 to 40 ... well in my case its harder beacause my web site is in spanish... so i don get a lot of hits..
100~200 per day
my website is a private website,so i have few hits a day
on my page tapety i have about 500 unique per day
on szko³a podstawowa I have about 30 per day
2947 unique visitors this month allready and it even is one of my worst months lol Wink Arrow
51 unique visitiors, 4434 hits, 221 visits per day.
26000 hits since April
I get about 50 unique hits a day and about 300 hits a day
1000+ per day
my is about 300 per day
My awstats statistics say:

Visits: 900-1100
Unique: I estimate around 300/per day
Page Views: Divide 8 by 500,000 (awstats says around 500,000 so far)

my website doesnt do bad for being freely-hosted and all. I remember when I use to be pumped to get 2 pageviews an hour when I ran on tripod or geociteis. FriHost did wonders for my 15 year old web designing brain intelligence.
I've put alot of work into the new versin of my site, and I think I should really be able to blow up in terms of traffic. Right now, I'm getting a decent amount, but my PR has just been bumped up and I hope to get some targeted traffic to turn into readers!
i have recieved around 1350 unique visitors thism month. highest no of unique visitors were 250 on 3rd oct
when at weekends
the unique IP is about 600-1000
while others
it would be 300-500
more than 1500 unique per day
In our first month of we have had over 1500 unique visitors. I don't pay much attention to hits (average 17.1 per viewer), pages are more important to me (7 per viewer). Traffic is growing everyday in a very natural and organic way. I expect at least 1000 visits per day on our on year anniversary. The best way to grow is word of mouth and word of mouse. If you have original content you will be successful.
Removed spam link - ocalhoun
I had a website about KYOKUSHIN where I used to get about 1500 uniques/day
but now I only have something like 40 or 50 uniques per day becayse I don't update my website anymore...
it used to be on 1st page of google for KYOKUSHIN.... but that is not the case anymore...
Just about 150 unique visitors for each site but it has been dropping around 30-40% since this new year.
Don't know when will they come back again. Crying or Very sad

2000-2500, you should pay attention to SEO tips.
706 to 800 per day for me
the-guide wrote:
Just about 150 unique visitors for each site but it has been dropping around 30-40% since this new year.
Don't know when will they come back again. Crying or Very sad

Right now, without anything adjusted but normally post, they come back to normal level (a little better for some sites).
Don't know what happen. Hope they will not be gone away again. Very Happy

i have lunched my website before few days and according to google analystic report i got 30-40 visitor per day. I'm trying to increase it at least 500 per day. I have started forum posting and blog comments. but i don't know right and effective way to increase traffic. So i'm also started learning some seo. will happy if you give me some advice to increase my website page rank and traffic quickly.
i have reached upto 1000 hits per day in last six months., just dont loose hope ., i struggled on 20 per day for few weeks then i started to fly.
i'm agreed with gitesh, just dont loose hope, be patient and try to some SEO work to promtoe.
poor,poor, very poor. I'm sad of how many visitors I get.
My website is pretty new but am averaging 70 an over unigue hits and 300 and over pageviews.
good to hear that you reached almost 70 unique visitor at very beginning time. wishing you best luck.
not bad.
i just lunch a website last week and got only 3-5 visitor per day, i hope should start some seo soon to increase traffic. is there any one who can advice the quick way to get high traffic ?
If you are the single owner of your website and your income resource is only your website than you have some commission or affiliate program working and things that are giving profit. I had experience of a local website and its per day users were more than 1500 and the person was happy and improving day by day. I have also started a website and only getting 30 to 40 users per day but I am working on link building and other strategies to improve traffic.
30-40 user per day, its not bad in very beginning time. if you work to increase traffic then it may be 100 per day soon.
I am getting 200 to 500 visit on average and working regularly to increase this average.
wow very big and fast achievement. Before a week you told you got 30-40 visitor now its comes upto 300. really surprised. Will happy if you share your process to us to increase traffic.
I have an average visit rate of 80 visits per day. It sometimes crosses 100 when I release useful content on my website.

I am thinking to enable SEO Friendly URLs on my website.

Top 3 Countries in Visiting my site :
1. Germany
2. India
3. United States Cool
well so far I only get people looking at the page I haven't had anyone new sign up. So if you want a fun online rpg click my signature!
I am having an average of about hits and my blog is less than a month old. is that fine?
now days my website visitor comes 50+/ day hope it will be 100+ after 1-2 month.
I get around 300-500 unique visitors per day. When I advertise, it goes around up to 2000 Arrow
About 200 uniques per day on my primary site
Unique Visitors: 1,744
Daily Pageviews: 4,000

When the content has targeted visitors and keeps updatd, the pageviews will be better.
SEO might help to increase the unique visitors number, but it's the content makes them to return.
Shocked wow some of you guys get a lo of unique hits i barely get about from 13 to 30 per day. I hope i can learn how to increase traffic from this forum. Very Happy
Mine is a new site. I have been trying my best to post quality content so that visitors will be interested and will come back. However, the number of visitors has not increased. I am at about 10 unique visitors per day.. I have been posting my links in my e-mail signatures, asking my friends to visit my site and so on. I have also done some SEO for my site. I think the site just needs time. I have a great passion for it though.
I get 200 a day I need more
Nice job.. Mine only an average of 15-20 i guess the biggest visitors made this month around 35 unique visitors.
I have very less amount of visitors on my site. Sad and I am worried about it, can you people help me get more traffic for my site.
On the website which I manage as a type of a tool site for online game I get around 100 views per day. That's not a lot but it is because of the fact that the community at which the websiteis directed (and used by) is not so extensive.

On all the other pages (some python scratchpads, portfolio, some other php utilities) I get around 500 views per day, summed up.
Visits between 7 and 8000 a day.

Page views lowest this month 130 000,highest 163 000.
truespeed wrote:
Visits between 7 and 8000 a day.

Page views lowest this month 130 000,highest 163 000.
WOW! That's awesome Truespeed! Applause

Haha .... just noticed this thread is a year old, but still, was unaware how successful your Website has become. I can only imagine it even better than a year ago. Time certainly marches on.
I have no idea.
My site has no visitor calculator.
Can anyone recommend a good visitor counter?
AWstats is quite good. It is available with cPanel on Server 1, but I don't think it is enabled with DirectAdmin on the other servers.

You could try Google Analytics instead however:

Here is a tutorial how to add Google Analytics to your Website:

Here is a tutorial for adding a hit counter to your Website:

deanhills wrote:
Here is a tutorial for adding a hit counter to your Website

Thank you for your info.
I added a hitcounter on my web site

It is working. It shows the total number of visitors on my site.
There is still the problem of number of daily visitors.
I am trying to solve this problem.
We get 500 to 600 visitors in each day according to our Google analytics report.
I get around 1600 visits on my two blogs. The visits are great but my blog are niche sites that deals with simple how to's. People don't stick around that long. They just view a shortcut for a software for example and then exit the page immediately. This is not so great for adsense, but what can I do except hope for better traffic in the future.

My old sites that I started before Google Panda rarely have 50 visits in a day and there are like a dozen of them. Don't know what to do with them. Do I let me expire or do I hope that their traffic will improve.
I usually get between 50-80 hits in a day but it is contentiously growing day by day..
hmm...i get about 800 hits a day, not bad for a newbie
Welcome to my site Very Happy (if you visit it, please write a message on wall)
Constantly getting 180 - 200 hits per day
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