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Overclocking Processor?

Hey, I wanted to increase my speed of my computer by a little bit. My current processor speed is 733 MHZ, and I was wondering if I can increase it to 1.2 GHZ. My computer is a Compaq, and the processor is a Intel. I have no idea how to do any of this stuff, except for increasing the Page File. So, I was wondering how I am able to do this. I read on a site to increase the FSB settings in the Bios, but there is no setting called FSB in my Bios.

Is there any type of software that can do this for me, or does anybody know how to do it and wants to teach me? This will help me out a lot. Many thanks.
Most of the software which overclocks bus speeds cost money. And i seriously doubt that you'd get that chip to 1.2 Ghz, as intel chips generally run too hot on stock cooling, go for 900 to a max of 1 Ghz. Generally speaking if you cant change the FSB in BIOS your going to have a hard time. Maybe try doing something with jumpers if you have your motherboards instruction manual.
you'll burn your processor and motherboard IF you can manage to overclock because i don't think Compaq motherbaords gives any options for overclocking!!!

Also overclocking shortens CPU life umm pretty fast so I don't recommend it and if you want to overclock things you need to have the right Case, the Right Power supply, the right motherboard & the right cooling mechanisms

forgot to mention you should check there are more experts in overclocking than here Razz
Okay, well I was unable to see anything under my Bios. I don't have any instruction manuals, I got this computer from my school because they were giving them away and I needed a server for my web. I know it's a bad sever computer, but for what I use it for it's not bad.

Too bad I messed up my hard drives, I went from two and I tried to add a third and I screwed it up and now I have 5 GB hard drive. Razz
Yeah if you don't have overclocking options in the bios, your never going to have them with the current motherboard you have. Good luck getting you computer to overclock as it will be a different process than what most overclockers go through. Normally, the oc stuff is done through the bios.
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