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Where to begin. . .

I know I may get into trouble for this, and let me apologize to the Frihost staff ahead time! Sorry! I am the noobiest of the noobs and I want to make a website using Frihost. I already got my domain . . .now what? How do I develop the site? Why can't I get into cPanel? What is fantastico? Please just point me in the right direction. Once again I am really sorry if I am breaking the rules with this post!

Best Regards,

Andrew Montroy
"Money is only a tool."
1. Learn HTML Here
2. Make some nice webpages using your new HTML knowledge
3. Save them all as .html files
3. Get an FTP and upload all the files to your folder
4. See if you like the site and update it regularly Smile

This was really the BASIC Razz
You can always pm me for more help Smile

You should've gotten a pm by mOrpheuS
In it you got a link to your site, and your link to cpanel. In the pm you should've also gotten a password/username to log in to Cpanel.

fantastico is an easy way to install websoftware like forums. You can try it out when you are logged in to cpanel (don't forget to delete it after you're done with it).

edit: I am slow Mad
rvec wrote:
edit: I am slow Mad

Hehe Cool

You can also install a phpBB board by following This Tutorial Smile

I forgot to mention:
You should probably best learn CSS (Here) too if you want a Nice site Smile

To make it more interactive you can also use Javascript or php

Or; You can go to the MarketPlace And ask someone to design and code a site for you in exchange for some frih$ Wink
I suggest you go to Mathiaus's Shop To have a nice layout coded -> Valid XHTML(viewable in most browsers) and it's pretty cheap too Wink

Thank you for this thread (and replies), i really needed this. i also apologize for posting a thread like this one in the wrong section, i did not see where i was posting. my bad Sad

thanks again
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