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What will you do if your beloved outstation for 1 month??

my university start holiday for 1 month and my friends and also my girl friend all going back to their home town. i am still staying where i am because my house close to the university. and now, i am all alone. only after a month from today 26 november, my girlfriend will coming back to me. so within this time, i am so d*** boring... What should i do??
watch tv? seriously, quite a bit of things you can do on your own. what are your hobbies?
So it was hard time for you this month.Its ok enjoy now.But according to me you should have gone with them in holidays to their place.Was there any important work for you?Next time don't repeat.
In the future try to met people from your hometown.. In other words, use this time to go out, join some organization (or wherever you could met new people), go visit your friends to theirs hometown or something like that..
Don't watch TV, turn of the computer, and force yourself to go out !
Join a gym and be the hottest guy on campus when the others return.
Don't you have some childhood friends from your home town? Or have they all moved away?
I like cavey's suggestion! Be the hottest guy on campus when they return!

as the others said.....seriously, aren't there any old friend you could visit with?
oh yeah!! what a great suggestion!! haha, seriously before my age now, i use to hang out with my friends a lot... but now, they all gone already. and i have move from my home town to another, so i do not have any relative here. and friends, they left me here. all the thing i can do outside was just all alone. sigh... oh, i did go back with her!! for 2 months. haha... i think of doing some dreamweaver and photoshop work...
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Hehe, that's some pathetic advertising. But seriously, don't sit your ass down on a computer/TV the whole time or when she comes back it would go downhill..
go buy a video game. it will last for that one month
Subsonic Sound
Download Skype, and get her to do the same. I'm sure my relationship with my girlfriend would've crashed a while back if it weren't for the ability to have free video chat whenever we want.

And when she's busy... well, don't you have any hobbies bar being with her? Read a book, write a book, grab an instrument, do photoshop/dreamweaver work... hell, take up punting if it'll pass the time. :F
if it was me I'd try and do all those projects that I put off because I want to spend time with my girlfriend but then that's me lol
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