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C++ Compiler?

Could you tell me some good C++ compiler for windows XP.
Arno v. Lumig
GCC? You can run it in by using mingw.
There's also Microsoft's VCC, which I believe you can get without needing to buy Visual Studio.

You might also want to try Borland's.
GCC from MinGW project or Cygwin. Intel C++ compiler, but it is not free for windows. Many years later I have used Watcom C/C++ compiler and DJGPP.
Here is a list of free C++ compilers:

I have head a few nice things about the Bloodshed Dev-C++, Though I have always been a huge fan for Borland. While I have used the mictosoft compiler, the Borland was so much easier to use and I finshed my projects in half the time that wodl have taaken in Microft. Everyone has there oipinion and Mictosoft has the most poulare C++ compiler but why not try the them both and see i fyoulike Borland as much as I do.

Free Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express

Free Borland:
I choose to install visual studio 2005. The package includes Visual C#. Is there any diferencew betwen C# and C++?
bostko wrote:
I choose to install visual studio 2005. The package includes Visual C#. Is there any diferencew betwen C# and C++?

Yes, they are totally different languages. C# is more like Java, and has almost nothing in common with C++. The name "C#" is very misleading Wink
I think the best compiler is the GNU compiler. For windows, you can get it with Dev C++, which is a free IDE. That's the only way I use the gnu compiler on windows and it works perfectly for me. I tried installing the mingw package, but it was easier to just use dev c++ in my case.
If you are willing to spend some money, you should try out Intel's C++ compiler.
As far as I can tell, it is the best compiler in the whole world.

If you also use Visual Studio (not express), Intel has made a neat integration Smile
Studio Madcrow
OpenWatcom (the formerly commercial Watcom compiler, now GPLed) and DEV-C++ (a cool GCC + IDE combo for Windows) are the two best C/C++ development systems for Windows.
Linux GCC Wink

use gcc if you want a free version, and visual studio 2005 if u can afford it.
Try Bloodshed Dev C++. Its a IDE with minigw as its compiler!!!
Better is MS Visual C++, works fine on Vista too unlike DevC++ Wink
If you are completely new to programming, i would advice Visual C++ [Express] ... if not Eclipse with CDT.
Arno v. Lumig
adeydas wrote:
Try Bloodshed Dev C++. Its a IDE with minigw as its compiler!!!

Mingw is not a compiler, it is a set of basic GNU libraries and tools. The compiler Dev-Cpp uses is GCC (GNU C Compiler (No, not GNU Compiler Collection, Dev-Cpp only does C++))
I don't really recomend DevC++ . I've used it for some time and i was pleased ... but at some code i wrote the debuger didn't work well. I tried to watch my program step by step ... to see what is wrong with it and at some point it didn't advance to next step Neutral.

Hm... u can use Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. It is free and it works... maybe not how i would want but the debuger is stable. Probably... if you didn't used Visual Studio you will not know how to use it.

In DevC++ for example you can write a source code directly and after that compile it etc.. But in Visual Studio you must make a few steps... like this >> File >> New project >> Win32 Application <enter the name> <click next> >> At this step you can only click the NEXT button >> Check the Empty project box. (see Additional options) >> Click Finish. Now you can ADD a NEW ITEM in your SOURCE Files group. Hm... the new item should be a C++ file Smile.

Have fun.
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