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any one knows how to set up dial up (windows 2000)

guys hel;p me out using windows 2000 server ..i want to set up
dial up modem to modem any one?
im not 100% sure about windows 2000 but in Internet Explorer in tools or somewhere there is the option "internet options" or something

one of them should be connection

if not its in control pannel. (again i think)

sorry i couldnt be more helpful.
Deji :: He wants to allow someone to DIAL in to HIM...

Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs

Add/Remove Windows Components..

I know it's there somewhere but I don't have a Win2K Virtual Installation on this terminal.. Grrr...

Effectively they need a local account on that machine.. And you may want to run a DHCP server? Or pre-assign a local IP to them.
They need to configure you as their Gateway etc.. Unless you have a 2nd IP to assign them? In that case, add them to your DMZ zone of your router etc.
yah i want our clients to connect to our internet cafe ..i have one IP using now ..then i cant set up modem to modem connection,i try guys what you advise it goes error connections. the error says Disconnected from SERVER.any advise?. what is DHCP server?
Try this:

1) To begin, click the Windows Start menu, select Settings, select Network and Dial-up Connections.

2) Double click the Make New Connection icon.

3) A dialogue box will open which will welcome you to the Network Connection Wizard, click Next.

4) Select the dial-up to the Internet option and click Next.

5) Select I want to set up my Internet connection manually (3rd option), and click Next.

6) Select I connect through a phone line and a modem and click next.

7) Type your local access number into the Telephone number box. Make sure that the Use area code and dialing rules box is unchecked and click next.

Cool Type in your username and your passwords.

9) Type a name for your new connection, such as "" and click next.
Ei guys thanks a for the help now my modem to modem Dial up conections is working.. abig thumbs up!
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