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do you think you resemble any book character?

have you read any book and felt that you had marked similarities with a character in it??
i read Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women', and realized that i was Jo March!
I really really really am told that i really really really look like Harry Potter D=
i dressed up as Harry once for halloween too XD
I rry to feel at home with every character in every book I have ever read. SO from Mipsy the rabbit to Robert Langdon, I have felt a part of this character inside of me. Even the Thomas Harris "Hannibal" and "Red Dragon" charcters.

You look like Harry Potter? You look like the book Harry or the movies interpretation?
...maybe Julius Caesar works for me! Laughing
Every time I read Ian Fleming's James Bond books, I feel for a moment that
I am living the life of James Bond.

This has the disadvantage that James drinks during the day too many drinks.
If I were James I would be blind drunk at the end of the day.
Grenouille, from Patrick Süskind's "Perfume". If you've read this book you know it's about a serial killer with super smelling skills who doesn't smell at all. He's able to recognize and to combine lots of smells to create perfumes that can do about anything. And he doesn't smell, he is odorless. I'm not about to kill people to steal their smell, but I am pretty odorless and I have a powerful sense of smell. Razz
I believe im like Darius from the Outsiders, we have some resemblances.
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