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What do you think about Russia?

It is interesting to find out what are foreigners think of my country (for example, "there are bears wander on streets" , " everyone drink and play on balalaikas ") Wink
Well, I'm Ukraining, basically the same thing as russian at the time I left for the US. Anyways, russia is ran by a misguided mirror of George W. Bush, except he's actually intelligent. The funny part, in russia you still use rubles, 30 rubles = 1 dollar. And you have a russian "who wants to be a millionair" for rubles! that my mom watches in the US. Although, russia has a good part, it produces good hackers.
i like russia very much , never been there , but we have a lot of russian girls here , they are really awesome looking Razz

plus india and russia are very old freinds , so every indian will like russia
Rusia is good place its my dream to live rusia..many chikas! hehhe
Never been or had an image about Russia.. lol. Hmm.. I'd like to see some of the chicks though XD
Well. I have this image in my head where wealthy russians rejoice in the newly founded capitalistic system, driving down streets in insanely expensive cars, while poor mothers search the streets for used food left overs Razz But then again, my only knowledge of Russia comes from Dostojevskij and his gruesome novells Wink
D Lightbulb
russia is god damn cool
The first thing that come to my mind when i hear russia, is snow.

isn't too cold there ?

I hate cold weather, it's make me lazy Laughing
Russia would be a nice place to visit someday. Especially the kremlin. I'm not sure is the kremlin there cause i suck at geography. But if it's there, taking a few pictures with it as a background would be awesome.
a very large country at the Asia ! Got very strong military power and latest astro space technology..... Very Happy
Russia is a large and extremely culturally diverse country, with dozens of ethnic groups, each with their own forms of folk music, languages and religions. Although the majority of Russians consider themselves as Christians, and belong to Russian Orthodox Churches. It's a great achievement for the country where atheism was the official state religion for more than 70 years...pls add ..any culture...
I live in a former USSR country and have been in Russia twice after soviet union collapsed. I think it is a country of contrasts. You can find there very rich people, many of them got a lot more money than rich Americans, but you find there also many, many poor people. You can find there very smart people, look at the space technology and think about the fact that during the cold war USSR was about 10 to 20 years ahead of USA. At the same time you can find there the dumbest people in the world. I think that if economy of Russia would be better, it would produce the most intelligent people in the world, but unfortunately their hard life over there is a big limitation to their success.

I would not like to live in Russia, at least in a closer future, but definitely I wish to go visit this country again.
Spies and Heroine junkies. That's about it
drunkfun wrote:
Spies and Heroine junkies. That's about it

Heh heh heh.... you watch a lot of movies don't you?
I wish to go someday in Russia,the best i think when i hear Russia are the beautifull women from there,we have a lot of them here in my country!
I like Russia because it's a winter country is very cold and i like that!!!
stay cool!! Cool Cool
Hoogeveense RAT
I dont like the winters in Russia I thnk because it s very cold. At some times it more than -30 under Celcius. Confused
i think Russia is as same as engline and usa
I was in Rusia this summer i like this country and some of my relatives liv there....

Ps:I am from Ukraine Smile
In last years winter temperature in Russia was raised Smile
1. I live in Ukraine
2. Russia is very rich country without democracy of any kind but with a few very greedy persons who control everything there(just like anywhere), the main difference from other countries is that they have IDOL and NATIONAL IDEA (just like German had just before WW2)
PS. poor people there think that all their troubles are caused by jewish people:) doesnt remind you anything?
What do I think about Russia?

- cold weather
- vast land
- espoinage, spy, military oriented movies and video games
- beautiful people
- hot girls (I really love to see them) Embarassed
frozenhead wrote:
What do I think about Russia?
- espoinage, spy, military oriented movies and video games

These are the fairy tales which have been thought up by the American directors. Actually Russia - the country much more democratic by way of censorship, than the USA. Very Happy
Goldeneye is a great film. I especially like the part when he steals that Russian tank and drives it through St. Petersburg with a freagin statue stuck on the top. The moral of that film, is to never trust a Kosack, especially one who does it 'FOR ENGLAND'
funny language, cold country (hence the gallons of wodka they consume - it is completely understandable and allowed they do), funny looking towers with funny colors and funny shapes ... it's a funny country if you think of it
Yeah, it's really funny country Twisted Evil
have the best lesbian singers Razz (Tatu) i love them Very Happy
They are not really lesbians....
It just their image Wink
incredibly awesome women no doubt!
a tremendous cultural and historical inheritage
a really moving history
a big big big country
most of people are very simple, yet rich russians, and have met them here in France, really suck...
a very very dangerous president, in fact in most countries of the world he would have been a thousand times to prison ...
awful belief in leaders ... Staline is one of the worst human beings ever, ask his mother, I'm serious
media and news are widely over-controlled
Massacres and destruction, greater than in Afghanistan, all this in a small country called Tchetchniya,just to be able to transport Oil ...
conclusion: Really nice people, really hateful politics!!
About russia I know just of some places... most I've heard I thinkg shall be true - about the famous big towns, that Russia is very big, That it's quite cold in the north - a lot of cold desert. One region I've heard a lot of jokes about: Kamchatka. The jokes I liked, even though I got to pity the people there if these are famous in russia.
- vodka is everywhere
- kinda cold
- V. Putin for ever and ever Smile
- lots of poor people
- Skinheads Wink
- and just lots of good folks.
... take care.

! ()
snedan wrote:
! ()

Are you Russian? Smile
that sounds like KGB talk.

Russia? big country with a lot of people Wink
Caxius wrote:
Russia? big country with a lot of people Wink

Like China? Smile
drunkfun wrote:
that sounds like KGB talk.


Actually I am Bond. James Bond. But Do not speak about this to anybody Cool
Hot' ja jivu v Israile ja priehal s CCCP =)

Ja Evrei no znayu Russkii hhhh
And what do you think about them?
O Russkih?

Ludi kak ludi.. =\

Holodno tam v rossie tolko..

zdes' v Israile jarko.. blin 30+ gradusov.. podihayu hh
Par kostej ne lomit! Wink
I have nothing againist Russia, They aren't pure EVIL.

They have chopped me up.
They're pretty cool. Smile
Thank you, LostOverThere! Smile

drunkfun wrote:
that sounds like KGB talk.


Actually I am Bond. James Bond. But Do not speak about this to anybody Cool

Can I tell M? He's been looking for you everywhere 007. He says for you to report immediately and don't waste any time talking to Moneyponey, as we can't afford to waste time before Blofeld destroys the entire world.

That's it, im making a new thread which is a new James Bond film...
Russian Roulette, is that something? THat is bad, but I don't have anything bad to say about Russia yet...
Афттар жжёт!
Пишы еще! (с)

encode to cyrillic to see what he say (it's in russian...) thought not much sence

by the way i can see that there are some people that can speak russian shuld admins open forum to them? i speak russian too and i'm from USSR and i am in israel now so i can see that not only me.. how come this hosting is popular here..
beatiful girls but all look fabrication XD
it must be very cold there
valo wrote:
Russian Roulette, is that something?

I don't think, that Russian Roulette is really russian invention. As well as Russian Hills. Smile
nik wrote:
shuld admins open forum to them? i speak russian too and i'm from USSR and i am in israel now so i can see that not only me.. how come this hosting is popular here..

I'm agree!
cnnet wrote:
it must be very cold there

It became already cold Sad
DimAce wrote:
valo wrote:
Russian Roulette, is that something?

I don't think, that Russian Roulette is really russian invention. As well as Russian Hills. Smile

hills no roulette yes.
Precisely, I have recollected!
This game has been thought up by Russian officers.
Russia has pretty girl and men love drink.and very cold!
Every country has men, who love drink. Smile
Russia will never be conquered. It's too cold and too large.

As for the people, well I've never met any so I can't comment on them. Razz
Dark_Jedi06 wrote:
Russia will never be conquered. It's too cold and too large.

But some people (like Hitler or Chingiz-Khan) try to do this.
When I think of russia, I think of all the movies Ive watched... poor and hungry people... and junkies in the streets and the mafia controling the whole country, but Im sure that Im wrong Razz
Even though, have known some girls that came from there, and they didnt look bad Razz
aethiops wrote:
Even though, have known some girls that came from there, and they didnt look bad Razz

Yeah, better than russian girls only ukrainian girls Smile
Russia is en enemie to me. I live in a little coutry called estonia.Has anyone heard about it.Never mind that just Russia can conquere this little contry without anyone even notice it is gone.So i really don't like russia.It is a threat to my homeland. Confused
junk4you, what do you think about:
1. Hitler
2. Facism in Latvia
Emme, me think that Russia be very bad country with ugly man who is big boss.
me like women
the land of the very beautiful girls...
with 100 million + people, you'd hope they'd have a few hotties
Russia is to big and too multinational and too poor to be OK.It will never have any proper order and always russian people wanna be controled by dictators. Sad My sympathy to russian people.
well i know that it is the biggest country. i don't know much thing about russia but seeing the hollywood movies, i can just guess that it produces weapons and exports them. has nuclear powers. recently attacked georgia for some reason....

as sarah palin said, it can be seen from alaska LOL!!

thats all i know about russia, which is entirely based on the tv.
I like Russia for the following reasons:
1) Tchaikovsky
2) Hackers/Crackers/Programmers/etc. from Russia are very good.
3) Your vodka is awesome.
4) Your red choir is breath-taking.
5) I like your names and language.
6) Women from Russia are atractive.

Now I don't like Russia because they are very secretative and what happens in Russia stays in Russia.

Edit: How could I forget Tchaikovsky? I should be ashamed...
I think it is a country with a culture and philosophy that are completely different from what we could even imagine it to be. I find it surrounded with mysticism as well, different kind of logic, but fantastic in the arts, literary works. I am not attracted though to visit it as a number one on my list however. More interested in the countries on its borders. I love Russian food, borscht soup, black bread. Not too crazy about Vodka or any of its drinks.

Quite a large number of Russians are resident in Dubai, and numbers are increasing all the time. Find people quite hardy, perhaps loud at times, and if there is more than one taking up quite a bit of social space.
I adore some of the Russians writers and my dream is to come and visit towns and all the places they were describing in their books. Smile
I know that Russian has got a president MEDVED who speaks exactly like Putin and MEDVED means a BEAR.Quite cool for Russia,
This topic is as old as the forum itself.... Laughing
Russia: Great country, Great scientists, Great history.

Russia: Corruption, Vodka, Luxury, Misery, Mafia.
I think Russia is a decent country and it has many nice things about it, and while I dislike its Government I still think it is a cool country and it is a place that I would like to see some time.
I'm Russian! Although, I've never been there...
limcopy wrote:
a very large country at the Asia ! Got very strong military power and latest astro space technology..... Very Happy

Russian would like to say they are European .
But I think Russia is a polite country .
I don't know much about Russia. News coverage is always slanted in favor of the reporter's country so my knowledge is limited. Government seems as corrupt as all others are. Pictures I have seen of Russia show beautiful country side and architecture along with dirty cities.
When I think of Russia I think of snow because many of the image I have seen of Russia have snow. I also think of those incredible cathedrals. Like the Saint Basil's Cathedral type of architecture. I like that look.
jessicawalker wrote:
I'm Russian! Although, I've never been there...

Do you speak the language? What are your experiences as a Russian where you are? Smile
I have nothing against russia. I think it is a fine country.

Personally, I think it should be a continent however.
So the question is what I think about russia, I cant tell anything specific untill I actually go there. But still I'll try to make a verdict outta all what I have heard about russia from news , movies, people , etc.

I think russia is a military ruled country, it spends huge budget on military establishment, it has very advanced aerospace technology. Infact India imports Sukhoi, etc planes from russia and many submarines and defence warships too.

But what I admire most about russia is the way in which they speak. They have a very unique accent. Many a times we tend to copy their accent for fun.

So that's my view about russia.
My parents are Russian but I've never been's kind of funny because Russian was my first language and we speak it at home.

From their descriptions it sounds like a really beautiful place. They think America's no match in terms of that. =)

But it seems that every Russian person has stories of being stolen from, or of someone trying to rape them (my mom has a few), or stuff like that. That's unfortunate. If nothing else, that's what will prevent me from ever traveling to see the country of my origin. I just wouldn't feel safe.
Well, I love the language and the nature. It must be so beautiful throughout the entire year. But I don't really like the Russian mentality. I've been aboard with a couple of Russian officers and they are so "closed" (I don't know if it's the right word actually) towards other people. They seem to live in their own kind of world... I also don't like Russian politics. Sometimes it still reminds me of the days when communism reigned Russia...
i dont know her that well...
i dont know her that well...
Not bad, honestly I like Canada better due to the social security, health care, etc.
the first things i think of when i think of Russia are

Communism (Soviet Union/Lenin, etc)

Probably just the US biased media we get in australia but those are the things that come to my head when i think about Russia Smile

Oh and hot female tennis players!
I dunno. Seems like a nice place. Might like to visit. Y'all got cool hats.
Moscow Underground and U-stations are real masterpieces. Worth a visit. Or several. Stay in B&B and meet lovely people/owner instead of cold looking and awfully expensive hotels!
russian people are very nationalistic
russia is a good country, with beautiful ladies and rich in culture. (rich in minerals and gas too)
i haven't been there but hey,! if i was to get a chance i would definite get to visit.
Russia is a very big country in the world ever,it contains powerful military and boundant minings in their country,the Russia girls are so beautiful...
So many sexy people come from Russia. Why are Russians so physically attactive?
I love russian girls!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my favorite professors of all time was from Russia. I wish I could read Russian so that I could read one of his thesis papers. I read the other one, in English. This guy is a genius and he has two phd's... One from a Russian Nuclear Research institute and the other from MIT in the U.S...

One of the greatest shows ever happened in Moscow, Russia. I wish I could have been there for the show...

An estimated 1.5 million people or so showed up there as the two biggest metal bands of the day (Metallica and Pantera) showed up to tear the country up with a free show... It represented so much...

I love the outdoors and Russia has the biggest forest in Europe/Asia... So I would love to go there and do some trekking/camping/hunting/etc...

Unfortunately, Russia is very expensive and difficult to get to if you're an American... Maybe one day it will be easier and I can come by...
Yeah, it's a big country and I never heard anything coming from them. or any news. unlike america or japan. Russia is just a very quite country that I never heard of anything from them. Is it because they are communist? Yeah I agree also that russian girls are so hottie. I wanna go to russia but is it easy for a foreigner to go there on that kind of country...
It is a big country
Is it easy to study russian language or even to communicate with them? I can barely memorize one word coming out from their mouth.
I don't know anything about Russia but I imagine its a snowy, cold place.
Cold place would be nice, since I am from a tropical place. I want to experience snow and cold weather, wearing thick jacket and double shirt double socks double underwear. heheheehe So that russian hottie will have hard time to undress me...
I got to pity the people there if these are famous in russia
Well, as I could see the tread is dead, but I at least gonna say thay I'm Russian living in Moscow and about a 80% (except the posts about beauty of Russian girls) of what you've wrote aforesaid is kinda steretypes and bullshit, sorry... it looks funny - to read the intussusception of russian lifestyle by foreigners =)
Russia consists of the original Russians in addition to a number of minority nations and tribes, linked by the fact that they all speak Russian now.

I have visited Leningrad - the current name of St. Petersburg.
It is a very interesting and beautiful city.
My idea about Russia sounds like this:
At the moment people in Russia have rather bad luck with their political and economic conditions, unless they are rich, politicians, mafia or something in between, maybe a mixture of all the three... Moskva is estimated to become one of Europes biggest towns, it's already monserously big... All the poor unfortunate people seem to want to move there, hell knows why, just to sit there in misery!
The climate is fine at some places, for example at the Black Sea... the rest of the vast country is damned cold in winter.
In the cold war era the USSR was not only cold, but cool, at least in films.
After the russian revolution they had there some of the most interesting artists and artist movements ever - until they were killed by Stalinism. By the way they also had all kind of interesting political movements, unfortunately they fell victim to the struggle about leadership after the revolution.
There is something truely interesting about russian Mentality, not only in the books of Dostojewsky.
Only been there once with some friends, 1 week in the countryside about 4 hours away from Moscow then a week in Moscow, staying a russian friend's home, so I saw "Real Russia" a bit, and i never saw anything like it, even though i travelled quite a bit.

In Moscow you can really see Russia's historical evolution, where the center is old and rich, suburbs full of huge sovietic habitation towers (on a scale bigger than i ever saw), and zone in between that being recently capitalist while still wearing scars of the communist era.

Countryside is just as you might imagine it, it doesn't seem real, being a mix between giant untouched lands, giant industrial complexes, and poor and rich people living very close to each others.
It's pretty hard to express an idea of Russia, as a foreigner and as it's really hard to describe :p
Well i have never visited Russia but have heard lot about the Russia that it is the coldest country and very big country.
It's not on my list for traveling. Don't know why, but someone would have to pay for my ticket and accommodation in order for me to travel there. I like reading books about Russia though, as well as by Russian novelists. It's a country rich in history and culture. I just have a feeling that I'd probably be very disappointed by the real Russia if I should travel there. If I should spend that much travel money, I'd get much more out of visiting Italy.
Russia is the biggest country in the world. Russia is Moscow or Siberian winters. Russian vodka is world famous and the communist Soviet Union
I cannot say I'm really enthusiastic about Russia, given what happened in Ukraine.
Russia is the largest country in terms of territory and is one of the coldest countries in the globe in the winter season, with coolness of up to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) common in the area of Moscow and becoming even colder more North. On the other hand, lots of regions in Russia also have unbelievably hot summers, and very gentle autumn and spring times of year. There are also lots of police in Russia, which can be an unusual problem, but also means that its very secure on Russian roads. Russians in point of fact love American tendencies, media, music and civilization. They are inclined to get right to use to these things soon after than the rest of the Western earth the first Starbucks in Russia did not come into view in anticipation of 2007 but they are grateful for them even more. Starbucks, for example, is disgracefully well -liked in Russia. By the way, Russians love alcohol as a general rule, and vodka in particular, but most of them seem not alcoholics.
Russia? I will link with beautiful tennis players! Never been there before though, although I am very near to russia, just across the border from China..
Russia has a kind of free education scheme. This is assured for the whole society by the Constitution. Despite this fact, admission to subsidized higher education is extremely competitive. In consequence of huge importance on science and technology in schooling, Russian scientific, mathematical, medicinal, and aerospace study is usually of a high order. For twenty four years, new educational system is prevalent in which there is eleven year of school education. It is free to have education in state-possessed secondary schools. Besides this, education at university level is also free. But there are exceptions. A lot of organizations began to start profit-making positions in recent years. So the sizeable portion of students is enrolled for full pay. Approximately four percent of gross national product, in other words thirteen percent of Russias consolidated budget, is spent for education annually. The state provides financing to disburse the fee of tuition within s specific limit. Saint Petersburg State University and Moscow State University are the biggest and the oldest universities. In previous decade, the state started a new program to establish federal universities.
I do not know a lot about but thanks all for giving wonder information about this country.
Natural resources have an important role in Russian economy. Especially natural gas and oil are very important for both Russian economy and state budget. In terms of nominal gross national product Russian economy is the 8th largest economy in the globe. If we look it purchasing power parity, it is the sixth biggest economy. Particularly since the start of millennium greater political stability and increased domestic consumption have supported economic growth in Russia. In 2010, purchasing power parity or real gross national product per capita was 19,840. Non-traded services and goods for the domestic market became more important for the Russian economic growth, instead of mineral or oil exports and extraction. According to the statistics the mean nominal wage in Russia was $967 per month in the beginning of 2013, up from $80 in 2000. As income tax on the earnings of individuals is due at the rate of 13% on many incomes in March 2014 the mean nominal monthly salaries became US$980. In 2011, around 12.8% of Russian people lived beneath the poverty level.
Russia Shame on you
Better Ukraine Dancing
Nice country Smile
Well, the recent news about Russia is not so favorable. But still, I'd love to travel to this place. It is a huge country and is quite unique when compared to the rest of the world. I don't even know what is in Russia. All I hear is about Russian models, vodka and the cold climate there. I am sure that there is so much more. I've never researched on it, may be I will do it right now. If given the chance, I'd certainly visit this place.
Nowadays Russian economic situation is not so bright as compared to the previous years. As a result of the fact that the Ukraine peace proposal is still not considered completely in effect, economic authorizations against Russia remain in place. On the other hand consumption growth of households decreased suddenly during the second quarter of 2014. Besides this, investment spending fell sharply. As a matter of fact, in July and August, decelerating foreign demand and inactive national demand unfavorably affected manufacturing activity. As the constructive effect from currency devaluation on import replacement tapered. Apart from these problems, Consumer prices speeded up in September as the prohibition on food imports and a devaluing Ruble pushed food prices up. External environment of Russias remains more fragile than expected, with oil prices going down more than 10 percent since July. As indicated before oil and natural gas prices are very important in terms of Russian economy and Russian government budget. Nobody can tell the future price of oil, but decreasing global economic activity could prevent oil prices from increasing.
Only on a few occasions there was so much hope for mankind as it was on the russian revolution. Consequently the country has been going down steadily ever since...
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