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What do you think about facebook?

Hi everyone,
Facebook is getting bigger and bigger. There are so many members who use personal information rightly. Will these cause some problems in future?

What do you think about facebook?
Honestly, I love it! I am reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in YEARS!

That being said, there is presently a danger in facebook. This danger does not have anything to do with posting your screen name, email, cell phone, nor any other personal information online. All that information can be gotten by anyone who really wants it.

A university president near me (Story: recently got a lot of bad press for some photos on her facebook page. The story was simply awful, and the 'controversy' it created was just messed up.

Some points to consider. When I post something to my personal facebook page, it is my personal opinion or entertainment. It is not a reflection of my professional beliefs. Frankly, I am not allowed to share my personal beliefs in my profession, I need to keep them quiet. I have to check my 1st amendment rights at the door.

If you are viewing my personal facebook page, then what is in there is just that, personal. It's only open to my friends and networks (which given are quite large).

But please, let us end the "Stalkers will find you" discussion... All this same information is available elsewhere.
It's helpful, but I try to never use my real name.
I used it for weeks but I never used it much. When I discovered that microsoft was involved I closed my account. I don't think it's something for me.
i havent used facebook. But i cant see it being any different to any other social networking script. People breaking copyright, people robbing identities and other fraud.

So in my opinion, facebook like myspace and so on should all be shut down, if not shut down laws should be made more strict.
I hate the idea of facebook... But then a friend told me I should get on. And there were so many people I hadn't seen or spoken to in years on there... And now I'm strangely addicted. I don't put a lot of stuff on there at all. I only use it to chat really.
newso wrote:
i havent used facebook. But i cant see it being any different to any other social networking script. People breaking copyright, people robbing identities and other fraud.

So in my opinion, facebook like myspace and so on should all be shut down, if not shut down laws should be made more strict.

I think you need to refine the logic on this one. Copyright laws are broken by bit torrent users daily. It's also used by software developers and upstart musicians/graphic folks to promote their work without breaking their bandwith bank. Should bit torrent be closed down?

The internet itself is used daily to move pirated information, commit fraud, and break copyright? Should it be shut down too?

Where is the limit in your mind.

I love facebook, I've ditched the other networking sites like myspace and hi5. Its just a cool way for me to keep track of my friends.. heck i've found some of my friends that I havent seen in 10+ years and its nice to see what they doing now. And you can always keep your profile private and dont put up your cell phone and email for more privacy.
Someone said - 'anyone can get your personal details if they really wanted to''

hhhmm this is just another risk to add to make this more likely - for this reason not a good idea.
I prefer the old-fashioned way of meeting people myself - perhaps i'm just a luddite at heart
I think Facebook lets you make your profile inaccessible to non-friends, so I don't really see the security problem unless you're adding complete strangers (or your boss) to your friend list.
Facebook has been the center of attention for many people and companies. I think it is just another myspace remake to be honest but a tad more confusing. Everything you do is in sections and modules, called Applications. Myspace and facebook could be compared to xp and tiger in the operating system world. I personally have a facebook but barely use it and only have a select few friends. I don't worry about privacy settings or anything because none of my information is personally identifiable to anyone of interest who knows how to get the information already.
I also did not like facebook but my friends invited me there like you tjin01. But i saw that people is more interesting facebook rather than myspace.
Just like previous people I said that I would never use Facebook because it would just be a waste of my time. That was until someone actually invited me, and as the weak person I am I decided to accept just to shut her up... I shouldn't have done that because now I am stuck.

It was amazing to see how many old friends were there already, and that is basically why I still use it, to stay in touch with friends from before.

But what about the whole we-owe-all-your-pictures thing?
At first, I was a bit unsure of it (and other online social communities too).

Now, however, I think it is a very good way to keep being in touch with friends or other people you have met, but don't see regulary.

Also the birthday reminder is for me one of its best features Razz
I can honestly say, I have yet to use it.
I have facebook... i don't use it as much as myspace though.
but it doesn't mess up as much Very Happy
I would have to say that it is a great place to reconnect with old friends and to keep in touch with others but the problem will arise in, well, it is there now. All that information is there to help you find your friends but people with...hmmm lets just say "bad intentions" can access it too. There is the reason why you shouldn't be allowed to say personal stuff like addresses or basically anything that can be used by someone else to steal your identity. I don't give more then the basics. It is my opinion that if you are friends with someone they should already know you well enough to have other means of contacting you.
(the list goes on)

...Quite a number of websites where I only registered so my contacts would stop sending 30 invites every day. I don't use either, as I see no practical use in making my personal information available online, where everyone can see it (yes, even "friends-only" protections can be bypassed if you know what you're doing).
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I'm not keen on all the new applications, but it is amazingly useful. Pretty much everyone at my university is on it, so if I need to communicate with someone in my class (even if I don't know any of their contact details) or invite hundreds of people to a party/society event, it's the most effective way of doing it. It used to look a lot sleeker and cleaner than all the other networking sites before they allowed people to add all the crazy applications.

Oh, and it's nice for sharing photographs. It used to be such a pain sending them via email or handing your memory stick round everyone who wanted photographs of a certain event, but I can just upload them now and everyone knows where to find them.

The biggest advantage of Facebook over other sites is that everyone I know has it. There's nothing special about it in itself.
Facebook is useful, and can turn into a ridiculously fun waste of time.
i like it

there is so many applications and because many of them are user submited i think that they are all really good

you get so much rolled into one

the only thing i would be to be different is it would be really good if you could edit the colour etc of your profile like you can on myspace etc

Whole idea of facebook: add as many people as you can who you 'know', as in said 'hi' to thirteen years ago, post some pics and people comment "omg u look so cute'.

The end.
I think it's popularity is due to its similarity yet difference to myspace. It has a simpler layout which makes it fun and easy to use. It's also healthy for Myspace to have some competition. There Tom! I said it!
Not everyone has it yet, there are only three good friends of mine in my facebook list, so it is not that interesting for me to log on to - all the other people are just people I know through someone, or people I went to school with for some time... I dunno. And I think the "applications" are somewhat childish now and then, I mean: zombie slaying? Water sprinklers? Potato throwing? Muh.
Patriot Players
I like Facebook. It's not exactley the "best" use of my time, but I enjoy it. I keep in touch with friends who've left the general area of my life, and such. It's a good conversation topic (obviously). I enjoy looking at other people's pages and laughing my head off at the stupidity that graces the face of the internet.

However, the random people I don't know who Friend Request me is mildly disconcerting, and the amount of time I spend on it rather than other things terrifies me. It's horridly addcitive. But other than that, I like it fine.
The only reason I use facebook is for contacting friends that I know longer get to see. Therefor, I usually don't use it often.

As of here lately, I've been using it quite alot due to a female that is roommates with one of my best female friends. It is a nifty thing to have these days. Like Myspace, everyone has a Facebook!
I've never liked the websites like Xanga or myspace so I don't have one... but i'll probably end up getting one someday just like Xanga, tagged, and myspace... simply because people keep bugging me telling me to get one so i'll eventually just get one to get people to stop bugging me
iv never tried to be honest im trying to keep away from things like this now iv got a myspace thats all i need but i hate myspace too, but sadly its the onlyway to keep in touch with some of my friends
i prefer it over the others. hrm... myspace i don like at all. although, friendster i a close 2nd place after facebook IMO.
haha, facebook. i must admit though, it does provide WAY more functions over xanga/myspace, etc...
It destroys our privacy...
but of course help find many friends from past...
MySpace drives insane for some reason, but I LOVE facebook. And in response to the destruction of privacy comments, facebook is very good about letting you give out only what you feel like sharing, so any destruction of privacy tends to be of one's accord. It's also great for connecting with people I don't see often, and it's always a great way to procrastinate. Razz

So, in hsort, I probably have too much info on there, but it's still pretty awesome. =D
About the privacy issues: What do you guys think about Facebook's Beacon? I don't want Facebook to publish my surfing habits on my "news feed". Even if they don't [there's a "No thanks" option somewhere], they would, of course, still have my surfing data stored somewhere. Sure, Google knows much more stuff about me than Facebook [Google Analytics, GMail, AdSense, heck, even Blogger], but then again, Facebook's data is just much more personalized and precise, with a lot of users entering their most personal details due to Facebook's illusion of privacy. It's scary. Cracking Facebook is the identity thief's next project.

I once read a Newsweek article on Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg [the Facebook founder] said something like it's their goal to keep people inside Facebook as much as possible [hence the sudden surge of third-party Apps and Beacon], that's why they cringe at being called "social networking site" and insist upon being referred to as a "social utility". It's a brilliant idea, but it's pretty much Feed-ish to me.

[Somebody posted a way to block Facebook's Beacon here, by the way.]
facebook is like a myspace clone with other features...
i don't use myspace or facebook, msn and forums are enuf for me
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