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Theme Hospital

This is an OLD game that was made to run on a Windows 95 operating system, but seems to work ok on my XP Pro OS. What I like about it is that it's a fun simple game that IS isn't complicated with a million options that take a genius to figure out. It is a fun game that is still fun after having played it for years and years, although a person needs a break in-between gaming sessions to let the "I've played this before" feeling wear off. Smile This game also isn't hard to level in at the beginning frustration level is low. Even when you lose at this game, the makers made it FUNNY. Smile
I remember Theme Hospital! I wish I had the full version, all I ever got to play was the demo. Crying or Very sad
bigdan wrote:
I remember Theme Hospital! I wish I had the full version, all I ever got to play was the demo. Crying or Very sad

I am researching theme can still be bought, but I am not sure it is the one from 97' or a newer one. I found some "cheats" for the old one though to help you win.... Smile Everyone has to "give in a little" every once in a while....

Let me know how interested you are in the game...if you want me to I can find the game for you online where it can be bought (I love research anyway....I am a consummate geek.)

Let me know...I really do love to look things up. It makes up for not being able to go back to school. I can study what everyone else needs, and learn about that. I love helping people too.... I am blathering....I am sorry....
This was one of my favourite games.. i didnt get to finish it though.. i think i reached far though on the board. From what I can remember I think I reached where the aliens came in. Hates those epidemics though, i've been slapped with one too many high expense lawsuits lol

Nice replay value on that game though, I have the cd somewhere I might just pop it in for old times sake.
If you are going to get Theme Hospital out of storage and play it, you might like an add-on download, and cheat that I found. They are old. lol But oh well.... Smile I just like to play. I had all kinds of problems trying to get the game to play tonight...I had to go to game compatibility mode and "fix" it... I found that after an hour of looking and trying different things.

Good luck... Smile I like the game a lot too.

Forgot to add the link to the download... Embarassed
It was/is an awesome game to play. I don't remember exactly where i came at the end but i never finished it. I need to dust off the cd and play it again. Hope it will work fine on new system.
this is one of them games that deserves a sequel, now with the next gen console and stuff. imagine the possibilities and everything they could do with it
iv had a play on this back in 2004, im not sure if its one of them games that will make me think god im bored with in a few hours like games like rollercoaster tycoon, and sims does to me.
I loved that game. There were plenty of options to keep you entertained and the learning curve was perfect. Each hospital posed a different challenge without getting absurd like some of the tycoon series (effectively the continuation of the Theme series) could become. The only downside was the lack of replayability. I didn't feel like I wanted to play through it again like I did with Syndicate and Theme Park.

Any chance of a decent sequel was shot to hell by the release of Hospital Tycoon. That game was too terrible for us to expect a follow up at all, never mind a decent sequel. Shame about that, but I guess that's the way it goes.
hey... I remember that theme hospital ever released for Playstation (If i'm not mistaken, around 2000-2002)
I play it for a few hours and the cd was broken T___T
Even as of now, I still love to dust off this one for a while... still a classic after all those years.
Well i finished the game Smile Quite easy when you know what to do..of course without any cheating. Those epidemic warnings was quite nasty and often but i made it - within a week playing 2-4 hours a day Smile

Good old times - i miss them.
Wow, old good(probably) game. I've heard about that game few times. I've heard it's good. As far as I remember there was another topic about that(or about similar game, maybe Hospital Tycoon...). So I've a question. Is it the best from hospital tycoons?(i don't care it's old, because some games are like wine - older means better:-)

Cheers Very Happy
Theme Hospital was to my knowledge, the ONLY Hospital themed game out there up until Hospital Tycoon, which everyone seems to hate. I haven't played it yet.

Theme Hospital was a LOT of fun, very addictive and I've been meaning to see if you can still buy it as I don't actually own my own copy anymore.

I've had it running fine under Windows XP as well in the past.
Yes a great game, also got it to work in windows vista. Most of the stuff still makes me laugh.
This is a great games.
Wery thanks!
Kitten Kong
Yeah I got this game to work no probs in Vista as well, they don't make games like this anymore try as they might. If you played Hospital Tycoon, or any Tycoon game for the past 5+ years you will know what I am talking about.

Its a pity that even Peter Molyneaux (director of bullfrog, creator of Theme Hospital) can't even make games like this anymore, if you are familiar with the Black & White series you will know what huge letdowns those unfinished releases were.
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