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my favourt game is

Soldier Of Fortune 2 and i am soon going to buy Soldier Of Fortune 3 Very Happy my Soldier Of Fortune 2 tatics are keep jumpping and when you see some-one and they see you duck and lean left or right you ducking and leaning courses your attacker to shoot over you and by the time they know they are missing you you have shot them and you move onto your new target when you come to 2vs1 were you vs to enemys you duck lean (BUT DONT SHOOT) then stand jump and JUMP INCENTLY and firer at your attackers and then they are shooting at the floor if you are fast enough to kill your enemys my ratio playing like that is 238 kills and 12 deaths i have played for 5years Smile so i have alot training lol

i also like Battle Feild 2
my tactics for that is dying lol im not so good at Battle Feild 2 yet lol i only have all my badges and almost all my ribbens but not meddles as off YET 3 are due Smile lol

anyone play theses games ? and what is your name i will search you and play you some-time when we are both online Very Happy
My favourite of all time, which I guage by how often I've played it compared to other games, is Sonic The Hedgehog 3 / Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the good old Sega Genesis.

Somehow, I never get bored of this game. Even after playing it dozens and dozens of times, I still find the odd unknown hidden area. there is so much to explore and collect, and it's also nice and fast as well. Graphics are great and the music is awesome. It's a game I will probably still be playing when I'm 80 Smile
My favorite game is looking at the stickies so I'd find the OFFICIAL "Favorite Game" thread

(...but really, Half-Life 2)
I don't have one favourite game but there are few worth playing.

There is very nice FPS online called WarRock, there are lots of players and fast servers and it's free!
I used to play Diablo II LOD very long hours but now i don't have time. I also like Counter Strike...

Cheers Very Happy
All Resident evil series, RE rulez
Chronicles OF Riddick
My favorite game is Halo 3. It's a beautifull game, with very nice futures. I think I play this game once or twice a week
The old 2 versions of broken sword they absolutly rocked iv not tryed the 3d version yet though iv heard many of bad things about that 3d version of broken sword i think if i played it, it would ruin the experience iv had with broken sword.
wabik90 wrote:
I don't have one favourite game but there are few worth playing.


But a really good game I love to play is Shadow of the Colossus, its like the best game ever for ps2, but its not my favourite game.
For me it will be Final Fantasy Series.
My first was Final Fantasy VII on PSX (My favorite)
After FFVII next is X , than IX than VIII, than XII and X-2
Favourite game changes from one to another from time to time. When we found a new interesting game, it become favourite. But a list of good games includes
Halo( 1 only)
MaxPayne 2- The fall of MaxPayne.
IGI 1 and 2
Night fire
And the list continues...
Yeah... this is a duplicate thread and not really needed... Please use the search function next time.

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