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Future Cyborgs?

Have read in the news paper, a local news here in the philippines that during the convention at singapore, Bill Gates says "New technology soon to be implanted in the human body, but I will not try this experimentation in myself.."

Is it possible the somebody is working to implant computer in the human body? Wow,,, very interesting, but do you think this will help us? if the computer is inside our body, what does the computer do? maybe instead of using our mind the computer will think for you... ha ha ha... that will makes us a robot...

If this will happen, if bill gates is working to it... Well, I really be a big difference and adjustment on all people like us,,, Do you want to try it for yourself, Me I don't like to have computer inside my body... ...

Anyway, have any of you guys read the article about this topic? please give me the links where I can go to it... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
well we allready use electronic and some time a kind of computer in ppls bodys...
think of a guy who get a pacemaker...

well a computer never would be a replacement for our brain. We never would think with the 'mind' of a computer.

and i don't think that only bill gates is working/thinking on such implanted computers.

Maybe in a 'few' we use computer for elemtary knowledge as languages and the vokabulary for it. For history facts or 'just' simple and logical work/activity a computer can do better then we can Razz

so thair isn't a think that a computer will make as to slaves of it... its more lake taking an easear way to get knowlade what need to be storaged and is working with rules. Smile

oh and no need to be afraid it will take us 10, 20, maybe 50 years to get computers working with humans... our body is so complex that we would need this time to get a small afew of things we can do with a computer and our body... so its not that bad! Twisted Evil
You may want to stay away from saying "never" ^_^

Artificial Limbs etc are becoming more common. There was someone on Beyond Tomorrow with a full motor function limb which was done by moving the nerve endings that were spliced during amputations to the chest region and placing sensors over top of them connected to the arm.. Effectively he moves it as if it WAS his real arm.

in the moment we think in the mind of a computer we dont think anymore...
maybe a computer will be able to use our arms, legs, etc... but they would NEVER can think like our brain (if they are not build like them Razz)

the brain was builded 'by' the nature made four our bodys... not for a computer that cant redevelop itsefl ... thats important to go on ...

well no time... xD
Texas Al
I won't rest until I become the operating system running on 90% of all desktop computers. Wink
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