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Usage of language and TOS


I was wondering if it would be allowed to curse on my website. Just in case I already made a script which will display to new users that there might be some 'language issues' just so they will be warned. Just to make it very clearly, am I allowed to say cursewords in a non-agressive way of saying it?

Then my next question is. I want to make comics and share them online. But I ain't using any Flash or just plain text or images. I want to make an executable to run on Windows machines and it can download datafiles which contains information about the comic and a whole script and then it will play the comic on the user computer. More like a Flash movie with a lot of humor Very Happy Well I sure can live with the bandwidth it could take or the filesizes is but my question is whether I am allowed to share executables. Although I will make it myself and won't implant any trojans or virusses or any of those things I still want to know if I am allowed. And I need to host .mp3's for a background music and sound effects. All will be made by me or with full permission Smile

Furthermore I am also trying to make some simple online games again for Windows machines because it is just a hobby Very Happy

Well, thanks a lot for offering this great file hosting. The best part is that it is free Smile And I am always happy with the customer support you offer Smile
about the cursing:
Pornography, racism, violence and other offensive content, images or movies or the promotion of these.

So I think not but I am not sure what you mean with "a non-agressive way", if that means not offensive it's allowed.

MP3 and other music files are forbidden on our servers. Some exceptions might be made for self-made music hosted in one directory together with a legal.txt file explaining that the music files are completely legal. A written permission from an administrator is necessary prior to uploading the files. Remixes aren't considered as self-made music. Permission should be asked in the Request an Account Change forum.

So you have to ask in the "Request an Account Change forum", but I am almost sure you'll get the permission.

And if you are sure the executable isn't a virus that's also allowed.
I'm not sure about the executables, but like rvec said, it should be allowed.

You can curse on your own website. Do remember that you are responsible for the content that appears on your website or the actions done on your website by your website members. However, you are not allowed to have curse words which are used to derogate other races, cultures, nationalities, religions, etc. (quite simply, don't spread hate).

As for the MP3, please make a formal request in the "Request an account change" forum. You will probably get the permission, but it's just for our records as well.
Thanks all of you, this may be closed Smile
Flakky wrote:
Thanks all of you, this may be closed Smile

-close- as requested.
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