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The last 4 years of my life I've spent wasting away in a cubicle as an internet technical support
agent. About 2 months ago I got fired from that job for internet usage lol (facebook)... After being
unemployed for a month or so I now have a job doing construction way out in Alberta! I live in
Manitoba but they pay me to bring me out to Alberta for 3 weeks at a time to build these things
called pole sheds which are sorta like big warehouses.

I tell ya it's a heck of a difference from working in a cubicle!! 12 hour days, 6 days a week of
hardcore work. I was in the army a few yrs back and the first few days of working here I could say was just a tiiiny
bit easier than boot camp and that's just cuz there was no running involved lol. But now once you get
used to to the hours, it's not all bad at all, and you wouldn't want it any other way. What else would
you be doing with yourself anyways? Plus I'm getting buff in no time Smile I made $1200 my first week!
So I'm happy. Heres some pics.

This is the gorgeous view of the mountains I get to work to!

I BUILT THAT! It's a stable with a huge arena for this guys arabian racehorses..

us working on inside the arena
good stuff, nice pictures too, always tough to make a change but shows how good it can make you feel once you just go and do it
I live by the motto "When it stops being fun...Quit!" Probably why i have had so many jobs. There is no worse feeling then to have to get up in the morning and go spend 10-12hrs at a place you despise. I am going through that now and am looking to make a change. It is harder though, because now I have a family and responsibilities. I am glad you are happy doing what you do, because at the end of the day that is what matters.

Best Regards,

"Money is only a tool"
I salute and congratulates you man... The world doesn't stop and good things always go through you when you think and want it. Have a good life always in anything you do.
heh that was deep vinx_18 man, thx! Smile
hey nice work dude and good to know that u made a change and enjoying it
dont construction workers get paid alot?
I'm getting paid bare minimum right now since I have no prior experience & I'm making over $1200 a week
then, yes, construction workers are getting paid a lot in Alberta! Smile
well it was awesome while it lasted making $1200/week and staying out of trouble by being away in alberta 3 weeks out of every month.. Everybody's been laid off since my boss has no more work for us right now. He has been doing some big bad screw ups on his business end of our jobs like promising a building done a certain day and getting paid an extra 40 GRAND just to have it done by then and then proceeding to make that day the day we started building. There were some miscommunications I'm sure, but that along with a whole bunch of little things that really added up recently I think has maybe earned him a bad rep and thats why we all got laid off. Confused I applied for E.I. so I just gotta wait for that to slooowwly get processed and I'll be getting some sweet money back considering how much I was making before hopefully!
that doesn't sound like a half-bad job at all, especially with a view like that. Whereabouts in alberta were you building?
I have a friend that made enough money to compete 2 years of college, plus food and books, just by being a flag guy in road construction for 4 months. Hazard pay seriously "pays." He knew the boss of the contracting company through a line of people though, which bumped up his pay check slightly. His mom did the math. even without that pay bump he could have made 1 and a half years of college plus food.

Construction definitely sounds like a smart way to get a jump on life with money. lol. Just be good at math and architecture and you'll go Really far really fast Wink

damn.... i;m leaving this country for a better tomorrow hehehe... your salary could be a year's salary for lots of people here in india!!!
cool! It is a very nice job i think.
that doesn't sound like a half-bad job at all, especially with a view like that. Whereabouts in alberta were you building?

We were building in Grand Prairie and in Okotoks, aka also known as Turner Valley
Hey as long as you happy with your job and suit you ..stick with it
I live in Alberta m'self. We do get paid a lot for everything short of flipping burgers (and even that's getting competitive) because of the boom.

Good place for construction, though. If I had a way with power tools I'd be building stuff, too (but I'm more of the not-so-fit computer geek type Razz ).
Sounds to me like your kinda proud of what you do. That's important.
The comment was made about if you don't like what you do, you should quit. Well as important as it is to "do what you like", let's face it. Sometimes that just don't happen.
I think alot of people --guys imparticular-- get alot of their self worth from what they accomplish. To work hard at something and be able to see it's completion, be it a web site, building, fixing a broke car or even planting a garden can do wonders for a person's self esteem.
CaffeinatedCandy wrote:
I live in Alberta m'self. We do get paid a lot for everything short of flipping burgers (and even that's getting competitive) because of the boom.

Kind of depends on what part of Alberta you're living in. This "boom" hasnt really caught on in some of the smaller cities...or at least in mine....but there's huge money up in Fort MacMurray (near the oil-sands) even for something like part-time burger flipping.
You have a wonderful point of view in your job. It's great
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