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TCP Port

Hey all,
I want to open a TCP port but i cant find where to do that :S
some info:
System: Windows Vista
AntiVirus: Norton (trail 60 days)
Modem: P-2602HW-D
Provider: CS (CompuServe)

If any one can help me plz say it (also if you need more info Very Happy)
Do you have a router?
If yes, go to (your internal IP-adress)
Go to firewall -> Virtual Servers and open a TCP port Very Happy
opening a port has to be done by experts.. hmm.. if you are in america, call your ISP and demand for a tier 2 or the techsupport supervisor and have your CPE or the modem/router port be opened.
Some routers are at instead of, just in case that doesn't work. You'll need to know the password, which if not set will have a default factory setting which is different for various brands. After that, you'll need to use port-forwarding. Sometimes they don't use that specific wording, but a little context searching through the menus and you'll figure it out. From there you just type in the network IP address you want to open the port to and type in the port number you want to open.
Depending on your version of Windows Vista, you may also need to change your firewall rules to allow outgoing connections.
There are some possibilities for this issue, we need some more info:
- Do you have a firewall installed, or do you use the built-in vista firewall?
- Is your PC behind a router and what kind of router is it (brand name or something like that)
- Do you share your connection with other computers?
- Try to give us some information on your ip adress, it will help us determine the kind of network you are on. You can get this information by going to the start menu, then click run. Type "cmd" and press enter. You now get a black window reminding of old DOS times. Now type "ipconfig /all" and press enter again. You now get a lot of probably confusing information on your network. It would really help us if you copy this information and post it here.

If you provice some of this info i will try to help you solve your problem.
Do you want to open tho port for outgoing connection or for incoming connection? Do you already have some software, which will use this port?
Basically, client side TCP port was opened automatically. Just as when you have opened some browser such IE, firefox etc.
( open a command prompt and type netstat -an )

It seems that you have to open some ports on firewall or router that are used for some applications take an example msn or icq. Or you wish to route internet request data to your internal network such as web server.

But you do not have stated anything but just the open TCP port. It's hardly to give any correct solutions for you.

Please includes what you want to archived and what need to do. That will help solve your issues faster.

hey guys, srry that i got a liitle bit late reaction :S i dint notify this post :S

-got a trial version of norton internet security, I'm gona buy a new one soon
-I dont know a lot about routers, but mabey you can find it here: (my ADSL connetor)
-I share my connection with 2 other computers (that one of my is wireless)
- look at this screen (weard language is from holland Razz)

I hope that u guys got enough info now Razz
-got a trial version of norton internet security, I'm gona buy a new one soon
DO NOT use Norton/Symantec. Uninstall immediately. If you need anti-virus, look towards NOD32 (pay) or AVG (free). Somehow I missed that in your first post.

- look at this screen
That means you want to type in to access your router. The password, if needed, should be "1234". I'm not sure what terminology they'll use for port forwarding. It might be in the firewall or security section. When you find it, it'll look like you can enter an IP address and a port number. You'll then want to type in (your computer's IP) and then type in the port you want to open to that computer in the appropriate input boxes.

I hope that's enough to help you figure it out.
The username/password for your router may also just be admin/admin.

Secondly, go to Select your router and follow the screenshotted guide on how to open up a TCP/UDP port.

basically, go to in your borwser. Login (Should be admin/admin). Look for either port forwarding or NAT settings. Look for redirect or opening ports or TCP settings in there.

For protocol or type, select TCP. Local address is your static internal ( I think yours was. Enter the port/s you wish to open. Save all.

Thanks for reading.
Much of your information is wrong, but that link you provided is quite helpful.

As shown here, to get to port forwarding once inside your router you must go to 'NAT', select 'SUA Only' and click 'Edit Details'. To open a port, you'd put the port number if the first four boxes on a row. (the first two are for opening ranges of ports; the second two are for changing the port that it comes into your computer, if you wanted to for some reason) At the end of the row you'd put your computer's IP address, which is as indicated by your screenshot.
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