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The Gods Must Be Crazy

I just viewed this film, the gods must be crazy, and I thought it was really well done. Very interesting. Has anyone else seen it? Very Happy
Yeah, that whole Coca-Cola thing was pretty cool. And I like narration in the movie, it's just something
I find cool. Bushmans are great. Their ways of looking at world are pretty amasing. I believe that if they made it later [in 90-es], it would still be pretty interesting, cause it shows whole consuming society thing, and how obsessed with things we really are. And it has pretty good comedy situations too.
I've seen this way back, a few years ago. Its a very old movie and it spawned quite a few sequels too.
yes, I've seen it too! I barely remember anything about it, except that I did find it funny and strange. Worth watching.
Yes, I've seen it too! Interesting movie I think.
Funny movie, it's also simple, what makes it better.
It's been ages since I've seen it, but the scene I remember best was when the guy got his LandRover stuck and accidentally wenched it right up into a tree. That was hilarious, that big truck just swinging there from a branch. I guess I need to rent it and watch it again.
There's a sequil to it, but I can't recall the name of it.
This move must be at aroound 20 years old. I remember the coke bottle scene, it was real funny back then.
Yeah, the Coke bottle scene is the only one that really stands out in my memory:)
I had to watch it for some science class. I didn't really get it.
Insanity wrote:
I had to watch it for some science class. I didn't really get it.

What a shock Rolling Eyes

As for the sequel, it's called The Gods Must Be Crazy II. I haven't seen it, but can't imagine it's better or as good as the first movie.
Insanity wrote:
I had to watch it for some science class. I didn't really get it.

I suppose you could interpret it as a criticism of our materialistic way of life.

It shows how simple and peaceful bushmen are, as they are not obsessed with property and material things - but I guess that's just the way our (capitalistic) society works. It's just not going to change (nor would I really want it to).
eday2010 wrote:

As for the sequel, it's called The Gods Must Be Crazy II. I haven't seen it, but can't imagine it's better or as good as the first movie.

I guess that's often the case with sequels Wink
The Gods Must Be Crazy is a classic movie for me, i watched it long time ago when I was younger and just brings back good memories, was pretty funny back when I saw it.. would love to see it again now that i'm older especially since I dont remember half of the movie anymore lol
The first movie was made in 1980 and the second in 1988, that is what it says on the back at least (we have both)

I saw the movie when I was really yound, maybe 12, and I loved it. I actually saw the second but I didn't know about the first one so I thought it was the first one when I heard there was two. And I think both are great, they have so much in them that makes it so great.

And even if they are so old they are done really great, some scenes went really fast.
yes, it's interesting
It's funny...but it a great movie....The land Rover without the handbreak...
This WAS a really good movie. Wish it was available on DVD so that I can watch it again. I wish they would make more movies like that as it really had me laughing as well as related to all the good things in life.
Ironically, the other day I was just trying to remember which movie it was I saw which had a 4WD reel itself up a tree!!

I saw this movie in high school, it was so lame it was funny. But that was in 2000, so the 80s were definitely lame when I watched it! Smile
I saw this movie about 18 years ago, it one of the best movie out there.
I've seen both it, and it's sequel. Both are very clever, and are interesting - but it just doesn't seem to be my sense of humour. I've a feeling that this would be a reasonably good movie to watch in a group context though.

As to how the sequel rates - I think it does actually stand up pretty well compared to the first one. I think the assumption that it can't be as good is reasonably safe, but from memory the quality and style are more or less the same.
Best movie EVER! And the sequel is just as good as the original, which is a rarity among movie series.
Yeah it shows how our modern society works and how stupid or life can be for other group of peoples
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