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Files corrupted

Today when I was just doing normal things on Windows it crashed. I was just trying to launch Picasa when blue screen appeared for a moment before the computer automatically rebooted.
When it started up again Windows wanted to do a CheckDisk but I skipped it to see what really happened. When Windows was running there was this yellow notification box from the task bar telling me that a file was damaged and thus ZoneAlarm couldn't run. When I tried to run it manually Windows crashed again.
This time I ran CheckDisk but it apparently got stuck half-way through. When I got back to Windows again ZoneAlarm worked but some other (unnecessary) programs couldn't run because files were damaged.

My computer is fine now but files don't usually just get damaged like that. I don't really suspect a virus, the files corrupted are so random, in different folder, and the hard drive is relatively new. What else could have caused this?

UPDATE: It crashed again, this time I waited longer for CheckDisk and it actually responded after 20 minutes, now it's stuck again but I think it can continue..
But eh, this problem seems to be pretty bad.
First off lets get that error code from the blue screen.

Go to control panel-->system-->advanced-->then settings under the startup and recovery section and uncheck that box that says automated restart. Should be something like that, though i dont have a windows machine any more so i could be off on a note.

MakeMake it crash again, and write down the error code. We need that to continue. it crash again, and write down the error code. We need that to continue.
Type eventvwr.exe into the run dialog. Look through the system and application lists for errors around that specific time and possibly after that. If there's a problem with the hard drive it'll probably indicate that in an error on the system list.
Id recommend getting a new computer lol. What are you running, this happens on my aunts HP pavilion, with windows 2000 Rolling Eyes

We just deal with it.
reformat. Doesn't sound like a hardware fault. Just reformat and re-install windows and you should be fine.
You'd be surprised greatfire. The last time I troubleshooted a similar problem it turned out to be a particular standard service in windows in conjunction with a particular mouse. Simply formatting and reinstalling windows wouldn't fix it.
Well I have it sorted out now. Seems like partition C got all mad when I changed my power supply and we reformatted it.
Thanks for the help anyway.
this may be a virus problem.. try to reinstall your PC
Well yeah I fixed it already so I don't need any more helo Razz
from personal experienc i can tell u that ur DISK IS FAILING. Copy off what u can and then buy another harddisk and do a complete reinstall of ur O.S.
ok i know you said the drive is new but c'mon, i really think that the DRIVE is the problem. Now you said checkdisk has problems, that is EXACTLY what happened to me. Random files started to corrupt and etc. What you should do is download a SMART monitor. Basically what it does is read the SMART data off of your harddrive. Most new harddrives have a built-in smart monitor

That is a program i found on google and that should be sufficient. When u install it and load ur drive you will probably see lots of sector errors or read-write errors. Please take my advice and run some sort of SMART monitor. You will see first hand that this is the problem. I have never seen a virus corrupting files to this extent or any extent to that matter besides system files. Since zonealarm is not a system file it falls into my theory.

BTW if you have an original windows XP cd (so no namebrand pc's such as HP, Dell, etc) then you should be able to boot into the recovery console in the XP cd and then invoke the chkdisk command and it should run through fully since the executable is on the cd and not the disk in question.
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