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My forum (rate, visit, whatever) We are looking for staff

Hey Peeps,

2KFreak is looking for staff in many positions. The site recently launched a little bit over a month ago, and we are ready to put our right foot forward, and start advertising as well as spreading the word about the site.

We are fairly young, with many plans, hopes, dreams and ambitions, but before we can plan for tomorrow, we must construct what is in need of today. And so, here we are, looking for dedicated and committed individuals who have interest in video game sports titles, and various sport enthusiasts to join in on our community. Our community is growing, with a new registered user each day for the last 6 days. Overall, its great progress. And we hope to progress rather rapidly in the upcoming weeks now that we are settled and ready to advertise, contribute and provide.

A lot of money has been put into this site, and overall, we are not even to the slight bit done. We are currently incorporating our blog that will go in great lengths later on. For now, our forum is our major priority and our members are what fuel our community, as well as are our priority.

We have a vast array of features targeted at our gamers, that list will only continue to keep growing. Cool 2KFreak welcomes all NBA 2K8 players, as a hangout and source for NBA 2K8 information including discussion and leagues. 2KFreak welcomes all players of the many platforms and various games to our discussion, leagues, and as a future place to joke and have fun.

Our objective and focus are set and now our plans are to be met. Thank you guys. Wink

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It looks like you have a nice site there. I really like how you have targeted a specific niche market (NBA 2k8 players) which is well ahead of many other forums I've seen. The graphic design looks good and clean; I especially like the header.

Only thing I might change is the FAQ section. Instead of giving the search area top billing, have a good sized list of FAQ items. After all, it is the "Frequently Asked Questions" area, so shouldn't it show the top questions your users will have?

Good luck on your site!
Thank you for the comment. I'll look into getting that done. Razz
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