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McClaren refuses to resign

In the wake of Englands failure to qualify for the european championships,and McClarens refusal to resign,it seems only a matter of time before the FA sacks him,but who do you think should be his replacement?
Well Mac has departed. Not supprised he went, a person who cannot motivate a national team, or a Sunday morning Lads team even, should never go into management. The only motivation England seem to get these days is from a geriatric Beckham, who always seems to wave a magic wand and gets the tream motivated and amore of a coherant unit. All in all I was not suprised they lost, the style of play is reminisant of that Cub Scout team I used to manage years ago-"leave the resposability for the ball to some one else" attitude or all chasing after the ball at once -the long belt up the field being the most common English tactic.
I think this is a record - happy to be corrected. Wednesday 21st November, 10pm england bundled out of Euro 2008, thursday 9am (11 hours later) Mclaren sacked.

Although its universally accepted that he's an incompetent twit and deserved to go blah blah blah - given the date of his sacking I personally couldn't help feeling a littly bit of, well, empathy if not sympathy.

When that last guy (forget his name) failed to qualify for World cup 1994 he lasted an entire 8 days.

The morning metro was amusing on Thursday - printed, after the defeat to croatia but before the sacking saying (wtte) 'And englands loss to croatia puts them out of hte World Cup and leave's McLarens' future in doubt).

I beg to differ - once they lost there was no doubt whatsoever about Mclaren's future (or at least what he wan't going to be doing)...

Probably get h,d,q for treason but the good thing about this is that we won';t have to endure the hype next year of the 'best chance yet' and 'we'll do it this time' only to be let down when the inevitable QF loss occurred
He refuses to resign but at the end he was sacked by the FA...
It is a sad story as England could not advance for the competition next year Surprised
Patriot Players
Refusing to resign was silly. He must have known he'd be sacked. Better to be the gentleman and bow out. Although its possible that he only got a severance package if hes fired as opposed to resigning, which could be the reason for it.
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