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Camtasia Studio 3 Now Available For Free

Did you know now you can get free Camtasia Studio 3 and upgrade to version 5 for half price.

This is not my affiliate promotion but I would like to share it with you as a fellow Frihost member.

"Tech Smith is running a promotion where you can get version 3 of their killer software Camtasia absolutely free. Their upsell after people download and install it to get the latest version 5 at half-price."

However if you don’t want to upgrade to version 5, your Camtasia Studio 3 will still continue to work without a hitch.

Please read more how to get it on my blog:

EDIT : I hope everyone was able to get your free Camtasia before they removed the promotion.

All the best,
Thanks a lot for the tip !
You're welcome.
It's funny. I was just going to write a message to ask if Camtasia is the best solution for screencasts and found this message. Definitively, I will check out your blog. Thanks for sharing.
I guess this is the best solution for screen recording, is it?
romaop wrote:
I guess this is the best solution for screen recording, is it?

That right, but not only that here is some of the Camtasia studio's features:

Record the screen and camera video with audio
Add voice narration to a video on the timeline
Make important edits on the timeline.
Create a camtasia studio project and produce your completed video
Quickly record and save several AVI recordings
Record Camera: Adding a Picture-in-Picture Recording to the Timeline
Add Callouts to Clips on the Timeline
Add Zoom-n-Pan Effects to the Timeline
and etc.

After installed the software just read the quick tutorial which gives you a good overview on using several of Camtasia Studio's most important features and you will learn how to.

Thanks you, I have had and out dated version a friend gave me, I like this new one better even though there ain't much difference.
Camtasia is the best screen recording software. Its editor is also quite handy. However, I am not sure as to how good v3 is since I havent used that. I used camtasia studio for a couple of my blog articles.
But one weakness of camtasia is that it isnt very good when it comes to recording game videos. For that Gamecam pro is probably the best option.
I'm downloading it, have got the key, will be back after the WE with news about how I like it.

Or not.

It would be fine if some had ideas for better SW -- the Gamecam alternative saddens me because I'd hoped Camtasia would be good for games, too.

Also for making Naruto-music videos.
I just went to the site and the offer is over. Now they are just offering a 30 day copy of Camtasia studio 5.

Too late!!! maybe next time Rolling Eyes Crying or Very sad
Da Rossa
I tried it, appears to flow fine! It's intuitive too, start by the gettingstarted movie in their site.
I love it. The fact that it's free and it works is awesome. I've used this for a while now.
That's the great software for creating tutorial.
But I'am using a freeware that works fine.

Thanks, Wink
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