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FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2... WoW, that game rocks ;]
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It's a sequel to a pretty innovative racing game. Innovative, because in FlatOut if You hit something too hard You can fly out through your windshield... Sounds like nothing important, but it is actually quite interesting and fun.

Apart from normal racing maps on different sceneries, such as City, Canals, Farm Fields and Desert, You can play various mini-games involving the whole flying-through-windshield thing. Like for example, Basketball, highest jump, bowling... I must say that in FlatOut 2 there's so much more mini games than in the first part.
Normal Races are also awesome, much have been improved since the first FlatOut. No longer do You need to restart the race if You crash once, now there's a chance You can regain the first place Very Happy Also they are exciting, fast paced and somehow maneuvering through them is really intuitive...

What I truly love about the game and what kept me playing through almost 30 racing championships (everyone has atleast 5 races) divided on 3 cattegories (derby, street, race - the difference is in the look and performances of the cars) + about 25 mini games - Is the MUSIC. It is simply awesome, although the opinion about it may differ, the music In FO2 I completely took a fancy for. The mix of American Rock and Roll and... well, more rock and roll Twisted Evil simply... rocks Twisted Evil
If it wouldn't be for the music, I would have quited playing this, sometimes hard and annoying game, after a few hours of play.

Yea, the difficulty... In flatout games the difficulty tend to go to the extremes... Sometimes it's a piece of cake and other times it's super hardcore... Not to mention that some AI racers cheat Evil or Very Mad Yea that's true, the Yellow and Grey computer seems to recover faster than others and are always the fastest no matter how good Your car is...

The game maybe isn't much Need for Speed-ish, but still the vision of almost 100% fully destructible race track, awesome mini-games, exciting and breathtaking races and ofcourse phenomenal music make this game one of my personal favourites that kept me playing for looong hours...

Anyone played it? What are Your impressions?
I love this game. Much more so than any Need for Speed game so far. The fact that part of the goal is to smash other drivers and the course is my favourite part. I have always loved hitting other cars in the race, though previously nothing really ever happened. But now, that kind of thing is encouraged, and you can get some pretty wild accidents happening and crazy air time. It's a dream come true for me.I am eagerly awaiting FlatOut: Head On to be released.

Another great game is BurnOut. I just wish they'd release a version for the PC apart from the one in 1998. I want one where a side game is to create the biggest accident you can Smile
I got a copy of the game for 3 so I was VERY happy about that.

Overall it's a fun game with some nice graphics and a pretty damn fine damage model. It's a bit too much of an arcade game though. The debris tend to build up to a point where you're not even really racing anymore and it starts to feel too hit and miss like it's not giving you enough control over the game. The opponents are equally arcadey and whether or not they're posing much of a challenge seems to depend more on whether the game thinks they should be posing a challenge at that point or not as opposed to things like... I don't know, physics perhaps? It's far too obvious and ruins the fun of the game. The same old contenders pose a challenge at the same old points in the race no matter how much you put them out of the race before that.

So yeah, it's fun, but I lost interest before completing the single player mode, which is a shame.
Compared to the first flatout the second really was bad!!! In the first you could hit a tiny object and was forced off the road - in the second-> well you can hit all the obstacles and not be affected at all ...

I don't know why they left their winning consept??? From beeing the best driving game to be a just a arcade games just as need for speed aso... Who needs that?

The graphiqs has always been fast - good finnish programmers...

I left flaout 2 after 15 mins n went to flatout no 1 - I have raced it throught 5 times now.

Buy flatout 1!
Any game where you can play bowling with the body of a person being launched from the windshield of your car is cool with me. A bit morbid but oh so much fun. The mini-games are better than the game itself.
iv got both flat out 1 and 2 there totaly awsome havent had chance to play flat out 2 though iv played it for about 39mins or so
I guess it's true that Flatout 2 compared to Flatout 1 isn't as quite unique anymore. Apart from that I think FO2 is a little easier. I remember in Flatout 1 when I flew through the windshield, getting back to the first place was nearly impossible, in flatout 2 it's not that hard anymore. Also I found it easier to win in FO2... or maybe I just got better since I played the first part Wink
Also I think Flatout 2 kinda extends it's predecessor, like gives more mini games, race tracks and cars, but still, it doesn't add anything new, so it's not as attractive as flatout 1...
One thing is certain for both parts though. They both have very unique atmosphere of freedom and total destruction and that's what I love about these 2 games ;]
Man i love this game i love destruction!!
the best thing the finnish guys could do is to patch up the first one for internet !!!
i think that this game is amazing i really hope they come out with a flatout 3 soon i really enjoyed the storyline and all the new mini games
WRC Meister
got it for PS2 Very Happy is really really really great Very Happy i like that you can totally wreck like everything in the game, donwloaded it for PC sometime ago too, havent really played it though, i got to the 2nd class without cheats and is really having alot of fun with friends and the bus too Very Happy
I used the crack to get all the other vehicles and stuff. Much better dirving game if u are looking for good multiplayer fun Smile
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