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the simpsons movie

please command for this movie........
i like it
Sorry, I understand English probably isn't everyone's first language, though I assume you mean "Comment"

As far as the movie goes, I enjoyed it, I laughed, but for me, it didn't feel like a MOVIE, but more of an extra long episode, in places.

A good first effort though, and in the words of Maggie Simpson... "Sequel..!"
It was ok, not the best movie ever but not the worst either.
It was pretty much just like any other Simpsons episode, with the exception that it was much longer. I'm not saying that's bad of course. I love The Simpsons.
liked it... word 2 insanity... some grfx were a bit different like in a episode... but it was a nice movie.
I was skeptical going to see this movie because the show has been absolute garbage the last ten years. However, I was very suprised by the movie. It felt like watching the show during the 4th season, except for some of the lame jokes that are so common in the show the last few years. But overall I thought it was great. It even got me to watch the season premier in the fall. I had hoped the show would be season 4- and movie-funny, but it wasn't. It was the same trash that the show has been for the past decade. I haven't watched an episode since, but I do plan on getting the movie on Blu-Ray Smile
Blu_Spykz wrote:

As far as the movie goes, I enjoyed it, I laughed, but for me, it didn't feel like a MOVIE, but more of an extra long episode, in places.

For me, it didn't feel like an extra long episode, unlike the Family Guy movie, which really did.
spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does, haha i love it
I picked up the DVD yesterday...LOVE IT! Very Happy
At 86 minutes, the film seems just long enough without too much stretching.

And those who love the anarchic humour of The Simpsons will not be disappointed, particularly the side comments which pop up every few seconds.

There are times when it seems to be trying too hard to be smart and clever, as if you are being constantly hit on the head with a cartoon mallet marked Clever Joke. Stop, you cry, but the beating continues.

Simpsons fans should love it, however, with most of the regular characters on parade even if only for a few seconds in some cases and apart from that beating-about-the-bush opening, the plot does finally make some sort of sense, in a Simpsons way.

Oh, and the usually silent baby Maggie does utter her first word.
It was a good movie. Some people I know thought it was a bit boring since they're not used to seeing The Simpsons for more than 30mins. Razz I enjoyed it. Gave me some good laughs.
It was okay for me, nothing great, which it shouldve been, considering it's been long overdue. If the movie was half as creative in plot as The Simpsons Game was, the movie would've been amazing.
It's pretty funny, but it is really difficult to make a comic, which is on Tv regularly, into a really good movie..
The funniest movie if I see...Ok...Just a Extended-Episode but is cool!
I love Homer and he's famili so Razz . He's great and very cool!!! Simpsons the Movie is one of my best film I see Smile .
i LOVE the simpsons but really didnt like the simpsons movie...It just seemed to drag on and on...It was funny up till the point where they escaped from the dome after that it got really boring

i would rate it 4/10
I think it seemed a little long, It just kinda goes... and never finishes. ( actually had to leave during half the movie; still i need to finish it)
For me it was a cinema sized chapter, funny, but not surprising. However it fit my expectations, it's The Simpsons at all.
I thought that it was awsome but when i seen it it was not very cool
I think that there are bether episodes than this movie
but it is my comment Very Happy
I watched it on my plane ride back home. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was at least the very least, a great extended episode. I got the Blu-ray version for Christmas, so I got to listen to the commentaries and stuff. It was pretty funny to hear the girl who does lisa's voice talking. She talks like lisa but the pitch is just a little off. SO I would assume that is what Lisa would sound like, once she is all grown up. THat or she was doing an act for the commentary. I hadn't watched the show in a while, but The movie really got me back into it.
THe MOvie was relly great. On the teather i laughed very much when i saw it. I like the idea of creating a movie from a comic!
The movie is like an extended episode like most of the other reviewers say. But if you're like me and sort of tired of the Simpsons, this won't entertain you. I used to love them but it got old. I'm not trying to knock the Simpsons but personally I'm just not into them anymore and unfortunately, the movie did not change this at all.
I liked the movie, the beginning it's really good but toward the end the movie loose interest, 30+ minutes just to end the story... Sad

spiderpig, spiderpig... Very Happy
I'm about to rent it. My friends said it's really funny so I have to see it.
Kelcey wrote:
I'm about to rent it. My friends said it's really funny so I have to see it.

if u like the simpsons normaly.. u must love this one

its just as normal but not 25 min but 1 hour and 25 min

more and more of the best serie ever made.. i cant stop watching it
Basically a long episode but was just as funny as ever!
madpotatokipp wrote:
spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does, haha i love it

the only funny part in that movie, but it was also spoiled by commercials Sad
trailers in a way suck Crying or Very sad
It was great, but i prefer the episodes.
Like the new episodes when bart can drive with a car. Haha.
He is the new player

But the move, yes i had fun!
I saw the movie in my one and i had also laught
I reckon that it was ok, not the best movie ever, but it was ok. At least the story was interesting.

But, 'Who Shot Mr. Burns' would've been a better one if they'd made it on the BIIIG screen
What then miss that whole summer of "who shot Mr. Burns" maddness. Smile Just kidding I don't recall hearing a lot about it between episodes. BTW, you she the one where one of the characters (I want to say Homer) said he actually shot Mr. Burns and framed Maggies? Either that time or another Lisa also sarcasticlly added "that would have made more sense." Say waht you will about The Simpons but they sure can laugh at themselves, gotta love that.
I hate the show nowadays (it should have ended after Season 10 so it could go out on top instead of turning into the slop garbage it is now), but the movie was really good, especially compared to the current shows.
Yeah, the movie rock ! It's funny and something refreshing....
Spiderpig, Spiderpig,... Very Happy

I'm going to see it on DVD. Very Happy So I'll post it later who I liked it. Very Happy (Hopely positif)
adri wrote:
Spiderpig, Spiderpig,... Very Happy

I'm going to see it on DVD. Very Happy So I'll post it later who I liked it. Very Happy (Hopely positif)
I went, by bus, to visit a friend of mine out of state, over the summer and before I left I saw that ad and had that song stuck in my head all the way there. Then I got it stuck in his head and we sat out on his front porch one morning while he called and texed everyone he knew to try and get it stuck in their head and out of his. That thing is like a mental virus! Smile When I got the dvd for Christmas I e-mailed him and started the whole thing over again.
The simpson's is the longest running cartoon also right? I really can't believe they are still making new seasons for it, really love it but just feel they should retire it by now.

The movie was pretty good though, felt to me more like a movie then a longer episode than the family guy movie.
I don't think simpson should retire, I always enjoy watching simpson and hope they will continue to make more
the movie was excellent
They had me at Ralph singing the Fox opening music.
It had just the right amount of funny and clever. We find ourselves quoting it frequently and I sang "Spider-Pig" off and on all day on the day we went to go see it.
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