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A new graphics software

I was beginning to program a graphics software with C++ and then I thought, "These are some nice ideas to put here, but what other concepts should be included?". So, I have come here to ask what some good features would be. I am an advanced C++ programmer, so dont worry about victory. Please, no flaming, only suggestions. I am not trying to use other peoples ideas. I'm just trying to get some suggestions from a general audience.
Umm I dont understand what kind of graphic software are you designing? for pictures, games, video editing, ...?
It will be great if you do some ink calculator (program made to save ink and money, for example when you print on black paper you have to use less black ink, when you print on white paper you save white ink, etc... It's very useful if print on T shirts) under Linux.

Also it will be great if you make vector illustrator under Linux. You can expand possibilities of Ink scape. It's not even need to make all from the beginning because in Linux the source code is open and you can continue to perfect Inkscape. I advise you to start making programs for Linux because in Linux most of the software is missing everybody is making programs for windows Sad . And don't try to make something from the beginning other people already have discovered America Smile
fadirocks wrote:
Umm I dont understand what kind of graphic software are you designing? for pictures, games, video editing, ...?

More or less, a picture software. It will also have a mode JUST for sprite development for 2d games (I realize that making 2d games is hard and time consuming (sepcially with graphics) therefore this mode aims to make it easier and gives a range of details to add to the sprites)

EDIT: By the way, I was also hoping on porting the software to Linux, Mac, and Windows. worries for your OS (unless of course you're using an off the wall OS noone else uses or has heard of. Then, at that point, just give me API instructions and we're good to go Razz)
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