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How many jobs have you had?

Ok everyone, time to 'fess up! I will lead off by saying that I have had . . .14 jobs in the last 7 years. How does that stand up to everyone else? Just to say, I'm not proud of that I'm just curious how I fair against everyone else. See, I have a problem with authority. When someone does something or says something stupid I let them know. Also, I have never put my job in front of my family, and that has cost me one or two jobs! So . . .what's your number?

Best Regards,
3 years --> 3 jobs Razz
But the 2 first were temporary, the first one two months, the second 4 months and since then I'm teaching music Very Happy
well i have had 5 jobs in the last 8 years and the reason i quit some of my jobs were because of lack of commitment , yeah i know u people might be thinking lack of commitment from my side.

on the contrary it was from the company side, coz they had proised the earth, the moon, the sun and the stars but alas i did not get even the stars.

now you people might say that you have to be patient, yeah i agree, i have to be patient, but if i had been more patient then either me or my manager would have been a patient at the hospital,

so i quit and now me enjoying working in my present job.
meet in rio
Three in the past three years, although they were all round school/uni, so they were only holiday jobs. I've also done the odd week here and there catering, but that doesn't really count as I wasn't officially in the employ of any of those places.

I might get one after Christmas. I was doing fine on my loan/savings, but now I'm going on holiday and have screwed all that up a bit.
In the years between graduation and retirement I had only one job-teaching. This however is rather misleading as I taught in 4 different schools and had a number of roles in the time I spent in each school. In the last ten years since retiring I have had only one job, working for myself doing just what I like to do Cool and when I like to do it Rolling Eyes . Life is just a bowl of cherries (I make them both) Evil or Very Mad
Five in 40 years!
Wow 5 in 40 years. I wonder if younger people these days change jobs more often than people used to. I've had 5 jobs in the past 6 years.
Although I'm not sure of the exact statistics, or even the source, I remember hearing that young people do change jobs a lot more than in the past. It's not just high school jobs either, as this information pertained mostly to students graduating college.

To answer the main question, I've only had two jobs over the past three or four years. The first was a pharmacy job that only lasted a few months because I was young and immature, and thus couldn't handle working for a heartless boss. The second job was a temporary one at a Halloween store, which was actually a lot of fun. I've been unemployed for two or three years now because I just can't handle the stress of both work and school. If I could find a job where I only need to work two days a week, I'd gladly take it, but until then, I'm not going to sacrifice my education (or my sanity) for money.
I've had one job. I've only been there a year but it's the only part-time job I've had. The rest were summer jobs!

Younger people certainly change jobs much more frequently in today's world and I think it is simply because the employment market is larger and skills so transferable.
I've had... let's see... 4 jobs.
oooo my god.
problems with authority??? yes, i can relate.
or more correct, respecting authority just because it's there.

for me, respect alwats had to be earned - it never was a given thing that i respect my so-called "superiors" just because they are higher in the hyrarchy than i was. this started out doing my apprenticeship 40 years ago - i quit after finishing it - right all through my working life. in thew end i became un-employable and started off on my own about 18 years ago.

but still i lived what i preached - i tried to earn my respect with the people i worked wiith and the ones who worked for me - i never forgot having been on the bottom rung of the ladder and how that felt.

so how many?? well, who's counting - it's one long life and i have no regrets - from washing dishes to employing over 150 people.

I have had only one job. haha it was moving things in a headquarter. nothing big. two days of work.
good money.
I'm only 17 but I've only had one job. I've kept it for the last 2 1/2 years though, which is a lot longer than pretty much any of my friends have kept any jobs.
just got my first shot yet, hehe, let's see how many i can get in my 7th year. However, I would possibly expect a small number, as I take job seriously as a part of the whole life.
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