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My first 2 Pages

Well I got my site started.
I have my index page and a sample page.
Thanks Frihost Laughing
I added a message board to my site.
I also posted a classified ad section.

Wow. Something about that wavy background makes it difficult to read some of the text. Maybe it's just me.

I assume you're second page is the about page. It would help if you transfer the left navigation menu to all the pages to provide some sort of consistency. Also, on your index page, you have navigation on the top and on the sides, which is normally fine, but you have the same links for both. It's no big deal, but maybe if you want to eliminate some of the excess code you could probably get rid of one of those menus since they both point to the same things.
Wow. Something about that wavy background makes it difficult to read some of the text. Maybe it's just me.

I tested the background at other settings it seemed alright, but I will try something better. maybe try adjusting the bg image a little.
I know that I need an about page, I just used a sample page to post a few free backgrounds. The site will have the same style as the index page when I get the other pages filled with content.
I placed the links on the left to have 2 places for the navigation. I guess it is just a habit of mine to do that.
I sure thank you for taking the time to look at my pages, and the input that you offered. I am self taught, and just enjoy it as a hobby. I use HTML Kit and Top style lite to do the bulk of my work.
Agin I thank you. Laughing
No problem. At least you're not using Frontpage.

The background is probably just my eyes.

I use PSPad. It keeps it nice and organized and has a built in FTP. Plus it's free. Good luck with your site.
In using the name for your site * Slick Fifties *...(now this is just a suggestion)....why not use some of the fifties colors that lean toward that era, or why not design a page that takes on the look of the fifties....

If your open for a few suggestion just ask and I'll be glad to share them.... Laughing

I'm still waiting for my approval....maybe it will be soon....
I will have to do some looking around for some fifties theme thingy.
very good ideal Laughing
I just might have some resources on cd
I thought you would like the idea....sence you chose 50s...I have to think of a theme for my site to go along with the name....I have an idea, but my ideas are usualy more than what I can obtain.... Rolling Eyes

If ya need anymore ideas ....just let me know... Smile
Not bad, its nice and clean and not too in your face. It looks professional, and it's a good start. Expand your site and keep us posted of the updates!
thats cool i'll be uploading my new site this winter for now check this out ive been doing webdesign for only a short time
Very Happy It is nice to get feedback, I try to test my pages at various desplay sizes and different browsers. But there is nothing better than good constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to look and reply.
im Andy, I Rock

I like the way you did your top navigation, Looks cool.
Yoyr site has good ballance. Keep up the good work.
Lately I have been looking for a PHP application for a used car dealer ship.
I would like to display their inventory. Does any one have any suggestions. Shocked
The banner looks professional Very Happy
But I don't particularly like the color scheme or the fact it lacks the use of other graphics...
keep it up simple layout but its nice...
Blood Printerzz
very simple and good web design. but something is missing. I tried to find out but didn't get what is missing. It seems that you are new with web designing and using MS Frontpage or creating in HTML. anyway site is looking a bit messy, you should change the colors of links i mean buttons to make difference. thats what i got... Rolling Eyes
Not the most impressive out there, but I say it's darn good one, I'm a big fan of simplicity, and your site delivers it while still preserving fun and good looking qualities. I like your theme on the first one, if it was me, I wouldn't change a thing, as far as layout and design go, it's very stylish...and agin, user friendly and simple.
Keep up the good work.
not bad...
+ oil Laughing
Real nice site i love it!!
i like it but i think you should make sum images for your navagation
mike4652 wrote:
Lately I have been looking for a PHP application for a used car dealer ship.
I would like to display their inventory. Does any one have any suggestions. Shocked

Just use a MySQL table to represent the inventory, and write two to three scripts:

1) which allows you to look anf search the inventory. The search parameters should only be "traducted" to SQL queries.

2) A php file which allows the car dealer to include and-or exclude cars that have be bought or sold

3) A small latex file that you can complile to make a pdf of the shown results.

That's how i would do it anyway Wink
You shoul really read true ur site proparly... Typo's are BAD advertisement

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This Ad space is for hirer!

The Italic shows the typo's, can you find/grammatically correct them all? XD
the layout is simple and clear
quite good
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