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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

I'm currently reading this in one of my university courses.
So far there are themes of sex, Christianity, virtue, courtly love, and other really obscure ones.

Anyone read this?
Actually, I think I did, in college. It was strange. What do you think? Are you enjoying it?
It is very strange. I find it frustrating how deep the connotations and symbolism can go. It goes as far as the words they use, when they use them, the colours, the location or lack thereof, etc etc. Interesting though the things that are brought up in the group setting; I don't see as deep into the text until someone points things out.
That's always how it is. I miss out a lot on symbolism (it gets worse as the texts get older and more embedded in its own time period) until people point it out to me. SOme authors I can't read outside an academic setting.
I'm currently writing an essay on the significance, similarities, and differences of Camelot and the green court. Anyone have any thoughts?
what do you have so far? (briefly)
Well I want to emphasize that though Camelot at first seems to be the more civilized, more raised-up court, they are just the same as the green court. The green court and Camelot both have humans, drink and party, and have schemings. This is seen when Sir Gawain, supposedly Camelot's best example of Arthurian virtues, chastity etc, is seduced by a woman of the green court! I haven't started writing yet, but my tentative thesis is sort of about how humanity raises itself up yet we will always have a sort of animalistic, baser side to us. (the animalistic side being the green court and the more civilized Arthur's court).

All along with this I'm probably going to have to mention the colour symbolism etc.
Are you only taking this from the Sr Gawain and the Green Knight text, or are you comparing it to another source for Camelot lore?
This is solely from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with some given historical background and probably lots of sub-conscious pop culture influence Smile Which is not always good.....
I read this a few months ago and would need to think about this properly. But I do remember off the top of my head that the translator's (Simon Armitage) introduction included some thoughts on the juxtaposition between Arthur's court and the green court, and how it reflected human 'order' or imposition of order against nature, perhaps less ordered and boundaried.

As I say, this is what I recall from Armitage's introduction so not my thoughts - and if you were to include it in any thesis you should probably check his exact words first =) Although I will go away and have a think about this as well, as I did find it to be an interesting tale, if not exactly what I had expected.
Well I wrote the essay and my prof. said it was "very good". Don't know what kind of marks I received on it, but it was definitely a hard essay to write.
Sorry I'm coming in too late for help with the essay. I read Sir Gawain in my university days and loved it. One of the things that struck me was how the hunt scenes became more and more bloody and gruesome, as the court scenes were getting more and more intense as well. It was like civilization mirroring the brutality of nature, which is probably only an interpretation available to the 20/21st century reader.

How did you do on the essay, did you find out yet?
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